Attraction triggers: What makes a woman WANT you



Attraction triggers: What makes a woman WANT you

When it comes to your woman, the attraction button is hidden in some small details you wouldn’t even think about. Some women are crazy about the way you smell when you’ve been to the gym, some love a masculine cologne. Women can go crazy about a fresh haircut, but some of them like a wild hairdo. We are all different and like different specific details, but there are attraction triggers that all women have, no matter the age, culture or level of education — because they are based on biological instinct.

I don’t think there’s a secret to anyone that instinct is what actually fuels attraction. Unlike feelings of love and emotional connection, attraction or lust is a strong desire of a sexual nature and it focuses on the physical. That being said, women are not always attracted to a physical feature: more often than not it’s about your attitude… or both. My favorite part is that love and attraction complete each other to form a long-lasting bond. Love would be uninteresting without attraction, while lust would be short-lived in the absence of a deeper emotional connection. But if you feel like you need a little revival in the attraction department, here’s what triggers you woman’s sexual needs.

The way you interact with her

The most important thing when it comes to accessing your woman’s lust is how you make her feel when you interact with her. While you are mostly focused on the physical aspect, she’s going to need more than that to fall hard. Your conversation style reveals crucial information about your inner power. Are you confident? Are you driven? Are you reliable? I know it sounds strange to you, but a woman needs to know that you’re a worthy kind of man before moving into sexual territory. So feel free to leave those sexual hints for later and focus on REALLY talking to her. Make surprising revelations about yourself and make them with confidence. A man who knows his worth is far more attractive than a man who keeps trying to get in her pants.

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Tuning in to her needs

Women are biologically attracted to men who can prove they can take care of them in difficult times. So no matter how handsome you are, you won’t be very appealing to her if you always focus on your own needs and desires and neglect hers. Actually, for a woman, there’s nothing more unattractive than selfishness and indifference. So to trigger her attraction you have to be able to create a balance between giving her attention and making her craving for more. Listen carefully when she speaks, be present. Even if you think what she’s saying isn’t very important, trust me — it’s important to her. She wants to see that you can be there for her, she wants to feel happier when she’s around you. So encourage her, reassure her… and then let her come to you by taking a bit of a distance. I don’t mean ignoring her completely — just show her that your existence is so much more complex than she thought and that you have a lot on your plate. She will admire you while also craving that same attention you already showed you are able to give.

Sexual confidence

It’s very rare for a woman to want to be the one who dictates what happens once you go nude. She will feel a powerful attraction towards a man who gives the impression that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to sex.

Sexual confidence is something you need to achieve in order to make your woman fantasize about your erotic sessions. Make more eye contact, touch her firmly, show interest in her body. This doesn’t mean you have to know what she likes just by looking at her. But when you ask about her preferences, do it with confidence — like you want to be the man who gives her incredible moments, not like you’re absolutely clueless when it comes to women. Say something like, “I want to fulfill your dreams, show me how you want to be touched”. I promise you, she’ll get wet in no time!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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