5 ways to become more attractive to her instantly



5 ways to become more attractive to her instantly

Attraction is the energy we send to others — sometimes we click, sometimes we don’t. When it comes to women, the beauty of this attraction game is their intuition. You don’t have to be too obvious, because they’ll just know if you’re really connected to them, emotionally and sexually. That being said, you still have to show your enthusiasm, because this is one of the ways of building that intense and lasting attraction.

The way you express yourself when you’re around her — either with words, gestures and overall attitude — can make her feel even more attracted to you…or, on the contrary, it will make you seem like every other guy out there.

Listen, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on being yourself, but there are little specific details you can add to your sexy escapades together, to make things even more intense and to make her that more crazy about you. Check them out to score big!

Be more vocal during sex

I’m not telling you to scream louder than her, because that’s actually not attractive at all. But most men are completely silent during sex, which is not as “manly” as you may think. Yes, we like it when you have control over yourself, but at times she might feel… alone in that hot moment of passion between you too. Make her feel even more connected and attracted to your body by becoming more vocal when you feel amazing inside of her. Moan slightly, say things like “Yes, baby” or “This feels so good” and whisper in her ear while penetrating her even harder. She will feel so much closer to you and crave you more.

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Show more interest in discovering her body

You know what’s really attractive? A man who takes his sweet time during foreplay, teasing his woman until she becomes fixated on his body. I know you want to get to the good stuff quickly, but if you want to make her crazy about you on the long run, you have to show her what few other men could: that you love discovering every sensual part of her body.

Spend more time teasing her before sex — lick “strange” areas of her body, like the back of her knees, her wrist etc. Make her whole body feel wanted, and she will connect with you on a deeper level, which will make her want you more and more!

Put your hands to good use

I’ve said it before — women have a strange biological attraction to your hands, so make sure to take advantage of that. Make her more attracted to you during sex by using your strong, sexy hands A LOT. Massage her clitoris with two fingers during penetration, to make her orgasm 10 times more powerful, or reach around and get her off with your hand when you’re in doggie-style position. You can also show your dominant side (which all women like) by grabbing her neck while you whisper sexy words into her ear. Trust me, you need to use your hands more to become absolutely irresistible to her!

Introduce a hot new element

If you’re together for some time now, she’s probably becoming too used to your usual repertoire — missionary and doggie-style are both great sex positions for different reasons, but there is so much more out there if you want to spice things up and make her become crazy about your moves. Surprise her by putting her legs on your shoulders or carry her to the kitchen and have your way with her on the counter. She’ll love the diversity!

Don’t forget to make eye contact

It’s an obvious one, but sometimes you forget how powerful it is. No matter the social context, making eye contact always makes you more desirable, because it shows your confidence and your effort to connect with others in a genuine way.

This is especially effective during sex because it’s a way of becoming one with your partner — it’s sexy and powerful, increasing her arousal and erotic sensations. So try not to neglect this aspect and look into her eyes during key moments: when you first slip inside of her, when you change the rhythm or when she gets close to orgasm.

Sometimes, little touches like these make all the difference when it comes to making an impression on your woman. Because your signature gestures separate you from other guys she’s been with, making you her one and only.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Don’t forget that often times attraction has very little to do with physical appearance. So instead of feeling the pressure to look like those guys from the magazines, take into account that your every gesture and attitude has the potential of making you more attractive to your woman. 

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