5 Unique Ways to Kickstart Her Desire

5 Unique Ways to Kickstart Her Desire

Understanding the female libido is a complicated thing. Many things can affect whether or not a woman is interested in sex. Her hormones play a huge role in her sex drive. For example, some women might not want anything to do with sex right before she gets her period, while other women might get really horny during that time. Try getting to know your partner’s cycle and how her libido reacts throughout. Hormonal changes throughout life, like during pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre and post menopause can also affect the libido. Her mood will also affect if she wants sex or not. If she’s tired, stressed, depressed, or angry with you, she’s a lot less likely to be interested in sex. Women generally want to feel good and connected to their partner in order to get hot and heavy. Be sensitive to her mood and what’s going on in her life and take care of your relationship with her. Just doing those simple things will do wonders for your sexual relationship!

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider, but the more you pay attention to these kinds of things, the better your sexual relationship will become. For example, if you know that your partner is never in the mood right before her period, you will know not to try to have sex, but you can offer to give her a back massage instead. Your sensitivity to how she is feeling will increase her loving feelings toward you and increase the intimacy in your relationship.

What else can be done to increase her libido and make her want more sex? There are a lot of things you can do, actually, besides the useful tips shared above. Here are some other ways to increase her sex drive:

1. Get her adrenaline pumping – Studies have shown that after doing an adrenaline pumping activity you’re much more likely to find someone sexually attractive. This is because your body reacts to a scary or exciting activity much in the same way it reacts to a sexually arousing situation. Your heart races, your blood starts to flow more throughout your body, your breath quickens, your whole nervous system kicks into action. Try getting out of the house on your next date and doing something you have never tried before, like rock climbing. Exercise or watching an action or horror movie can also do the trick.

2. Bottle of red, bottle of red – Studies show that women who drink one glass of red wine per day have higher levels of sexual desire and vaginal lubrication in comparison with those that only drink some kind of alcohol occasionally or those that don’t drink at all. However, it’s important to keep it to just one glass a day. More than one can actually negatively affect desire levels. The theory is that a type of antioxidant called polyphenols, found in high levels in red wine, helps blood vessels widen, which increases blood flow to arousal areas.

3. Become a yogi – Doing yoga has various benefits for men and women, both for their sexual health and general health and well being. One of the lesser known benefits is that it could increase your libido. By practicing yoga, a person becomes more in tune with their body and in turn, their sexuality. Yoga also increases blood flow throughout the body, which could make for better orgasms.

4. Touch each other – Some tend to think that all touch that leads to sex needs to be sexual in nature, but that’s definitely not true. Small gestures and touches can release the love hormone, oxytocin, and make you feel more connected to your partner. This is the same hormone that is released after you have an orgasm and it promotes loving feelings. This can work in so many instances. Try holding her hand, giving her a massage, putting your arm around her shoulders or waist, or any other type of affectionate touching. It also helps to be spontaneous about it, as this is what really gets the hormone flowing.

5. The color red – It sounds strange, but colors can be a very powerful thing and the color red is what you want to wear if you want your partner to desire you more. Researchers have done studies on it and they say that women subconsciously associate the color red with power and status, so wearing a red shirt on your next date night could do the trick.

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