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4 genius ways of not getting rejected tonight

Increasing Female Libido

4 genius ways of not getting rejected tonight

4 genius ways of not getting rejected tonight

Feeling rejected in the bedroom is truly painful and has a tremendous impact on your relationship. While women are very hurt by rejection, they tend to think men aren’t affected in the same way.

After many years of research on the subject of sexual rejection, I’ve come to realize that women often make two assumptions: that men’s desire for sex is purely physical and superficial rather than emotional which mean that if they initiate sex and get rejected, then it can’t hurt that much because they only missed the physical part, so it’s not like they get hurt emotionally. The second assumption is that men are the ones who should initiate sex so it’s logical that doing so more often than women, they also experience more rejection.

But just because men experience sexual rejection more than women doesn’t mean it’s easier to handle. Actually, my experience shows me the opposite: repeated rejection can destroy your confidence and ego and even decrease your interest in sex.

But sometimes sexual rejection just happens, whether you’re in a committed relationship or even a casual one. Why does it happen? Well, it’s true that hormones dictate female libido, but it’s also true that she loves sex just as much as you do. So sometimes a positive response simply depends on your attitude or the way you initiate. Let me show you 4 genius techniques that lower your risk of being rejected in the bedroom.

On the other hand, if you’ve been single for a while, if you’re divorced, in your 50s or 60s and think that will never have sex again, I suggest you check out this controversial video because it will certainly change your perspective. I don’t endorse this entirely since it’s very controversial, but I wanted you to have this option since I know it works. Remember, only use this program if you are SINGLE. Note: This program was NOT created by me.

Pay more attention to her body language

We all have days when sex simply isn’t on our agenda. Before getting mad or hurt because your woman rejected your sex proposal, think about your own behavior: do you crave sex every single time she does? Are there any days when you feel so tired or overwhelmed with work that you simply prefer to watch a Netflix series instead? She might feel the same way sometimes.

Plus, women can go through a “romantic mood”, when they crave romance and affection more than anything – yes, more than sex. She simply needs to connect on an emotional level and she needs to confirm that you can satisfy that need without jumping straight to sex. So if she just wants to cuddle, let things flow according to her rhythm. Even if you don’t get sexual right away when you will have sex it will be better than ever.

Have a sexy conversation for no reason

A lot of men go on autopilot when it comes to sex and forget to flirt and be playful with their woman. If you think she “owes” you sex just because she’s in a committed relationship with you, then you have more chances of being rejected.

Instead, induce a sexy mood by initiating not sex but a flirty conversation that she will find thrilling and stimulating. Remember, the famous book Fifty Shades of Grey was read by millions of women worldwide for a good reason: women LOVE fantasies – and men who explore those fantasies with confidence. Demonstrate total control by talking about sex without actually asking for it – and you’ll make her want you more than ever.

Initiate sex in a new different way

If you usually just say: “I’m horny, let’s have sex”, maybe it’s time to change your repertoire. Make it more spicy and interesting. Kiss her in a different way, more passionately, when you come home from work. Or simply tell her you desire her more than ever instead of just demanding sex. It can be difficult to be subtle after years of committed relationship, but it’s the only way to take sex from “good” to “better” and avoid entering the world of constant rejection.

Surprise her with a new move

Simply keeping her hand above her head while penetrating her or making more eye contact while taking off her clothes can add more flavor to your hot sessions, making her more and more intrigued with your moves – and less inclined to reject you. She’ll want to see what you come up with next, so she won’t be able to say no to your sexy play.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: It’s time to break free of your insecurities and view sex as an interesting and complex opportunity of connecting with your partner, not as something that it needs to be done. Remember what I always say: quality over quantity. Focus on quality and I assure you – you’ll never get rejected again.

For an in-depth guide on how to be a dominant lover, click here to check out my program – The Alpha Lover. It contains crucial information on how to awaken your masculinity and become a strong sexual presence in the bedroom.

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