4 Dominant Sex Positions She Will Love



4 Dominant Sex Positions She Will Love

If you like dominant moves in the bedroom, you’ll be happy to hear that a lot of women fantasize about submission. Whenever I ask women about what they find attractive in a man, they always talk about an intriguing combination between nice and dominant.

While women don’t like being mistreated, sexual dominance can feel a lot like freedom. First of all, it might have something to do with a biological instinct: at the beginning of human evolution, women didn’t have much to say in who they were mating with. Men had total control and the goal was to procreate. And second of all, ironically, the modern woman craves that same pleasure of abandonment. The reason is purely cultural: more and more women are taking control of their day to day lives, they are making more money than ever, they have loads of responsibilities and they are fierce bosses. So it’s natural to want to let go in the bedroom. To want a confident man who knows exactly what he’s doing – which makes them more relaxed and free to enjoy total pleasure.

But sexual dominance can be tricky because you never know the limits: can you bite her neck? How hard can you slap her? That’s why I prefer a more subtle version of dominance because it’s something that won’t fail no matter her preferences.

And I’m referring to certain dominant sex positions which make you feel powerful and confident – qualities that will make her horny in no time.

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So if you’re tired of classic missionary and you want to give her a taste of something much greater, these sexy positions will make you feel like a sex God in bed. And she will be happier than ever to simply let go and enjoy every minute of it…

Lowered Doggie

The Doggie-style position is good enough for a dominant vibe, but I preferred the Lowered Doggie, just because it feels even more primal – her body is completely under your weight and she can barely move. Have her lower herself onto her elbows, face down into the sheets, then go on top of her while keeping your weight on your hands.

To up the dominance factor, you can put a hand on the back of her neck or pull her hair slightly.


Now, this is an exciting sex position she will love! I recommend it because it gives you total control AND the excitement of intense eye-contact, which will make things even hotter. Start off in Missionary position. Then sit back on your heels while she stretches her legs up in a V form and let them rest on your shoulders. Then lean forward, resting your weight on your hands. This will be a vulnerable position for her since she’s at your mercy to not bend her back too far. She’ll feel pinned down and powerless.


Dominance is all about taking control over her hands – when she can’t use her hands anymore, she feels vulnerable and submissive. Have her bend over a table and penetrate her from behind while holding her wrists together with your hand. You can use handcuffs if you prefer, but using your own hand will make her feel even more vulnerable. To up the dominance factor, you can grab her neck with your other hand.

The Spreader

Start off in Missionary. Have her lie on her back while you sit on your knees and heels in front of her. Then have her put her legs up in the air while you grab each of her ankles with your hands. You will be able to execute a really deep penetration from this angle. To up the domination factor, slow down and just stare at her body as you slide in and out of her.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Hot sex positions are my favorite way of keeping sensual play interesting and exciting. Dominance never gets old and benefits both of you – it will make you feel confident and in control, while encouraging her to let go and taste different sensations.

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