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4 Brand New Moves to Make Her Want You More

Increasing Female Libido

4 Brand New Moves to Make Her Want You More

What do you do when you want sex more than she does? How can you convince her to have sex more without feeling like she’s only doing it to shut you up. You want her to WANT sex like you do. You want her to initiate sometimes. You want her to go crazy with desire for you when you touch her instead of just going along with it.

One thing about women is that many times they might not be completely in the mood for sex, but they start being intimate with their partner, their desire kicks in and they DO want sex. However, you need to know how to touch her and turn her on in just the right way to make this happen sooner rather than later. The way you touch her when you’re just starting foreplay can completely set the foundation for her desire. Check out these 5 moves that will make her want you more:

1. Show your dominant side – It might surprise you to know that a large majority of women enjoy it when their man shows his dominant side in bed. Even if she is a strong, super independant women, it still might be a huge turn on for her to have you take charge. A great move that will show your dominance is pinning her hands above her head and holding them there with one of your hands during foreplay and sex. To do this, gently move one of her arms above her head. Leave it there and trail your hands, caressing her body as you slide your hand down. If she brings her arm back down with you, gently put it back in place. Then take her other arm and put it above her head with the other. Pin her wrists down with one hand as you kiss her and touch her with your free hand. This is a huge turn on for a lot of women.
*It’s really important to go slowly the first time you do this and gauge her reaction at every step. Some women will go absolutely wild for this move, but there are others that might not like it. If you’re getting signals that she isn’t into it, just release her hands and move on.
**If you already know that your partner likes to be dominated and you’ve already experimented with a little bit of rough sex, feel free to be more assertive in this move.

2. Use your hands when you kiss her – This is such a simple move, but barely any men out there use it and it’s SO effective. When you’re kissing her you should be using your hands to touch her. I’m not talking about groping her body right off the bat. That’s probably what you already do! You need to touch her how SHE wants to be touched first. Place your hands at the nape of her neck and run your hands through her hair as you kiss her. Remember that the scalp is an erogenous zone. You can even give a fistfull of her hair a gentle tug from the root as you kiss her. You can also sweep her hair back away from her face and gather it up in your hand, then stroke her face and neck with your other hand as you kiss her passionately.

3. Shower her with compliments – Your partner might not be in the mood because she’s not feeling very sexy herself. How a woman feels, both about herself and her general mood, will play a huge role in her desire. Giving her compliments will boost her self esteem and improve her mood, making her much more open to sex. If you make the compliments about her body or her sexual skills, then it will plant the seed and get her thinking about sex with you in a positive way. For example, if you tell her “god, you’re so sexy, I can barely control myself around you,” the next time you’re in a non-sexual setting it will totally catch her off guard and make her feel great that she still catches your eye and turns you on. Another way is to compliment a particular part of her that you love: her breasts, her butt, her hips, her sexy voice, her lips, or even the way she walks. Most of the time we go through life never mentioning these things even if we notice them all the time. She has NO idea that she turns you on all the time, so why not let her know? It will definitely get her juices flowing.

4. SHOW her you love her body – When you’re having sex or during foreplay, don’t just focus on her breasts, butt and vulva/vagina. A woman likes to be touched in other places too. Worship her body with your hands. Show her how much you appreciate ALL of her body. Use your hands when you’re making love, don’t just let them sit idle because you’re getting pleasure.

Gabrielle Moore

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  1. K

    November 18, 2015 at 1:14 am

    I want Moore Gabrielle. Xxxx

  2. Bruce

    November 25, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    I love beautiful women, and you have provided that. Keep them coming, as I am from the older generation who realizes women are a true gift of the World. Love them all.

  3. PLG

    August 13, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Hi! I have been receiving your emails for awhile … I’m a very sexual, sensual, independent woman and found your site, emails, blogs theu another site as I’m finding new tequniques for my guy and I to try. This article seems very basic and “No Dah” from this female perspective! But I’m realizing all women are not like me and based on that you give VERY good advice to the men. In my view a woman who doesn’t like or want sex has never had a real orgasm, if she has she will want it more often. And I’m not saying it’s all the guys fault… Communication Guys… Both Men and Women need to share there likes and dislikes openly! Just another woman’s perspective!! Forwarding your messages has gotten my guy a little more open and experimental!!! Thanks!! ?

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