3 ways to turn her on with your masculinity



3 ways to turn her on with your masculinity

A lot of men are questioning their masculinity nowadays. It’s easy to think of yourself as “less of a man” or believe that you lack masculinity in a society that values „Alpha-males”, „the men that can do it all”, „the ideal man”. Also, feminism has its own contribution, since women nowadays are taught to believe that they can be more powerful than a man, so much that they may not even need a man in their lives. But we need to keep a sexy balance in order to function together in harmony since — the truth is — life would be a lot less interesting for us, women, without that masculine charisma you possess. And please don’t think otherwise — I know you have it in you. You just need to pull it to the surface and make your woman see you as the real you: strong, confident and incredibly hot.

It’s not exactly easy to increase your masculine charismatic power, especially if you’re used to not seeing yourself as a confident man — in the bedroom or anywhere else. However, remember that this is about how SHE perceives you. You don’t have to be as influential as George Clooney to be desired by your woman. In other words, to achieve Clooney-esque masculinity, you first need to simply offer the impression that you’ve already got it. This means you have to enhance those masculine features that women are wired to get turned on by. Read on to make it possible!

Challenge your woman

You may at times forget that challenge is the whetstone that sharpens the blade of masculinity. Challenge, in general, is a useful tool of making things possible: it spikes your adrenaline, making you more excited and even more turned on which in exchange sends pheromones to your woman — those are chemical substances released by our bodies, which encourage attraction and mating.

And yes — it’s a good idea to challenge yourself from time to time, to make sure you boost your confidence. You can achieve that by introducing a new difficult exercise in your fitness routine or learning how to tango, for example (oh, I would find that especially sexy!). But it’s also important to challenge your woman because this will send a powerful message: „I am your man and I want you to do anything for/with me”. A challenge will make her want to impress you like the old times, satisfy and please you like no other woman could. It will also increase your masculinity and your power over her desires. So tell her something like, „I want you to [insert action] for me”. Just make sure that the challenge consists in something new and erotic, that will make things hotter for both of you.

Spice up your body language

Body language is one of the best ways to turn your woman on because it’s something natural and primal: in the wild, animals mate by using different gestures or poses to attract a partner. To make yourself look confident and masculine, your posture is very important. Here’s how to correct it if you need it:

Stand up as straight as you can, as if there’s a string pulling at the top of your head.

Relax your arms and shoulders — masculine does not mean tense.

Raise your chin just slightly.

Distance your legs as if you have a big “package” — but don’t exaggerate.

Now that you can dominate your posture to look confident, use another sexy weapon: your smile. This is a bit tricky because the way you smile can attract women, or… give you a free pass to friend zone. A recent study has discovered that women prefer men who smile softly and gradually — so don’t give her that wide creepy grin all of a sudden.

To REALLY turn her on with your body language, use the soft smile technique in conjunction with an intense eye contact, while keeping your chin slightly raised. This a very masculine pose and it sends an erotic message: “If you knew all the things I would do to you…”.

Also, if you want to perfect your attraction techniques through body language, check out this video which demonstrates a surprising and efficient technique. Quick note: This was NOT created by me.

Dominate her sexually

Most mating rituals are dominated by the male — which means to women it comes naturally to “offer” their body in order to receive pleasure. Of course, it’s exciting to change roles from time to time, you don’t have to be dominant all the time. But it’s a necessary technique if you want to surprise your woman with a powerful dose of your masculinity. As always, posture is very important, especially if you plan to dominate her sexually. Stand straight and flex your muscles while pulling her closer to you and kissing her harder. You can even pull her hair slightly, to make her understand you’re in control. But be careful — power games are dangerous. Don’t be too rough and always ask her permission if you wish to experiment a new erotic move.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Darling, always trust your instincts and intuition if you want to reveal your sexiest masculine power and make your woman tremble (with pleasure!) while looking into your eyes.

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