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25 hot mattress moves

Increasing Female Libido

25 hot mattress moves

“If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?” – Bette Midler

I asked women to recall the most erotic, exciting, surprising sex they’d ever experienced. Here, the little tricks and tweaks that made it to each of their personal halls of fame.

  1. “One time, my boyfriend undressed me, but only from the waist down, and had me lean out the window, smiling innocently to passersby, while he was thrusting away from behind. It was mind-blowing.” – Devon
  2. “After sex, I like to lie on my stomach while my boyfriend lightly traces the curve where my butt meets my thighs. It’s so sensitive there, it really heightens my after-orgasm.” – Kylie
  3. “It’s so sensual to watch a kneeling guy give me oral without using his hands. It makes me feel very empowered and my orgasms are always at least two times stronger. And, of course, I love to return the favor.” – Shannon
  4. “One guy sat me down in a chair and gave me two full glasses of water to hold. I didn’t understand why until he started going down on me and I realized how helpless I was to use my hands – so hot.” – Rhonda
  5. “While he’s sitting, I lower myself on top of him, facing away, then spread my legs and bend over so my head touches my knees. This creates a taut channel inside me that feels amazing.” – Jenny
  6. “Right as I climax during oral, I like my man to dig his fingernails into my butt, then rake them down my thighs. It really intensifies the explosion.” – Josie
  7. “I love it when my man takes me from behind up against my mirrored closet. My breasts plump up against the glass, and the surface gets foggy from our breath. It’s like watching ourselves in a steamy movie.” – Jenna
  8. “I had crazy-good sex standing in the ocean. He held onto a float that was behind me, I wrapped my legs around him, and the cresting waves added to the ecstasy.” – Emma
  9. “Tie me up with your clothes as you strip – your tie binds my wrists; your belt, an ankle; and so on. It’s crazy sexy.” – Stephanie
  10. “Use your mouth on one labia while using your wet fingers to massage the opposite one. It’s like there are two men working on me at once!” – Ellie
  11. “Drag just the tip of your teeth along my skin… everywhere. Exhilarating!” – Paula
  12. “I like to strip down naked except for a long string of pearls. I adore how they roll across my nipples and the rough feel when they get squashed between me and my boyfriend.” – Brenda
  13. “I love getting oral when I’m kneeling and he’s lying with his head propped up on a pillow.” – Dana
  14. “One boy and I would go for very long drives – we’d pull off on a deserted road, and he’d do me on my lap. The strange locations added a delicious thrill.” – Angie
  15. “The best place to have sex is on a tiled floor, like in a bathroom. It’s hard, but the tiles grip your flesh in unexpectedly erotic ways.” – Christina
  16. “Lightly hold my boobs with one hand, and firmly grip my butt cheek with the other to control the pace however you’d like!” – Annie
  17. “At the completion of oral, my boyfriend smiles at me and makes an ‘mmm’ noise. I get wet again just thinking about it.” – Corrine
  18. “I love to sit with my legs crossed Indian-style, then lie back and let him thrust from on top. He has to dip into the triangle created by my legs, and the pressure around his pelvis is amazing.” – Theo
  19. “No girl ever turns down a good old-fashion cunnilingus – but if he can make me come by just massaging me through my clothes? That’s a feat I’m not likely to forget.” – Crystal
  20. “I love it when my boyfriend calls me at work to say he just slipped into bed, smelled me on the sheets, and had to please himself right then and there.” – Delilah
  21. “There’s nothing like feeling both my fingers and his fingers inside me at the same time. It’s kind of like we’re holding hands – only about a trillion times sexier.” – Nina
  22. “I like to lay my boyfriend back and sink myself onto his penis – but I do it excruciatingly slowly, stopping every inch or so to look at him wickedly, feel him getting harder and me getting wetter.” – Zelda
  23. “One guy asked to give me oral while I was on my hands and knees. The awkward position – I had to get on all fours – made me focus and take in every second of what he was doing to me. It was awesome.” – Terry
  24. “I like to squeeze a pillow between my knees while we’re doing it doggie-style. It makes a tighter fit for my boyfriend, and I feel like I’m floating.” – Elena
  25. “I like to get on top, lean back on my elbows, and lay my legs over his shoulders. He gets to see every inch of me as I gyrate. So sexy!” – Lena

Have a wicked week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Want to turn her on even more? A scalp massage after you do it is heavenly because by then, all the blood had rushed to her head.

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