21 Questions to Spark Desire in Your Relationship



21 Questions to Spark Desire in Your Relationship

Most of the time, we take sex way too seriously. Something that should be a lot of fun ends up being a source of stress for some of us. Well, it’s time to have some fun with your partner. Making sex more lighthearted makes it better. Sex can be messy, it can be embarrassing, and it sometimes doesn’t work out exactly like we had wanted it to. Taking it less seriously ensures that when something goes wrong, you will be much more likely to just laugh it off, instead of dwell on it.

Today you’re going to try something that is sure to get you and your partner smiling and laughing together. A sex game! Today’s game is 21 questions. In this game you get to ask your partner any question from this list of 21 questions. They have to answer honestly, but no one is allowed to get mad, jealous or annoyed about the other person’s answers. Those are the only rules! Write each of these questions on a piece of paper, fold them up and throw them into a hat. Take turns reading a question to your partner. Here are the 21 questions you have to choose from…

1. Describe the first time we were intimate (remember this might not be the same memory for both of you, she might define this as the first time you made out and you might think of it as the first time you had sex!).

2. What do you want to do more of sexually?

3. How would you react if you caught me watching porn? Would you be turned on? Angry? Sit down to watch it with me?

4. What is one thing that I do that you just can’t get enough of?

5. What did you think the first time you saw me naked?

6. Tell me one thing you fantasize about and whether or not you would ever consider fulfilling that fantasy. Why or why not?

7. Entertain the idea of having a threesome! Even if you would never actually have one in real life, talk about what you like about it and dislike about it. Would you want your third to be someone you know, an acquaintance or a stranger (don’t say who specifically, but just specify which of those you prefer)? What things would you want to do in your pretend threesome? What would be off limits?

8. Pretend that you have to have sex in a public place. Describe to your partner what place you would choose and why. Describe how you would do it without being caught, what positions you would do, etc.

9. If I was your slave for the day, what would you make me do?

10. Tell me about the time we had the best sex of our relationship.

11. The average couple lasts about ten minutes during sex from start of foreplay to the end of the sexual encounter. How long do you think we last?

12. When it comes to foreplay, would you like it to last longer, be shorter or is it just right the way it is?

13. How many times a month do you think we have sex? How many times a month would you like to have sex? If you don’t think we have enough sex, what do you think is the reason?

14. Of all of the things you do to me in bed, what do you think is my all time favorite?

15. Of all of the things you do to me in bed, what thing (or things) are your favorite to do?

16. What is the hottest, most erotic thing a couple can do together?

17. What is one scenario you think it would be sexy to role play with me? (Example: boss/assistant, teacher/student, dance instructor/student, or doctor/patient).

18. What is your favorite part of my body? What do you like about it and why? What do you like to do to it most? (ie. touch, stroke, lick, kiss – feel free to be very descriptive!)

19. What is one thing that I do that you don’t like? (The asker must promise not to get offended or angry about the answer!).

20.  What would you do if you caught me pleasuring myself? Sit down to watch and touch yourself as well? Get embarrassed and leave the room? Get angry or jealous? Try to join in? Try to explain why you would have that reaction.

21. How do you think we could improve our sex life?

Happy playing!
Gabrielle Moore

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