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17 dares to take on after dark

Increasing Female Libido

17 dares to take on after dark

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

A recent study proves what you’ve always suspected: when lights go down, you feel instantly bolder, more mysterious, and yeah, deliciously wicked. My suggestions will help you take full advantage of this brazen vibe. There’s new research that your inner bad boy (and your partner’s inner bad girl) can relate to. A study in Psychological Science found that people are more likely to cheat at a game or with money if they are in dim lighting. Okay, that’s pretty specific… and I’m not suggesting you hit the switch so you can swindle. But researchers who worked on the study did conclude something interesting you can use: when the lights are dim, people feel more anonymous and are more likely to try daring things.

Of course, you’re pretty fearless to begin with, but even gutsy guys can use an edge. Here’s a list of stuff to do in the shadows – some bold challenges, others just for naughty fun with your partner.

  1. Your Jay Z and Kings of Leon addictions have you itching to sing something sexy in public? Grabbing the mike in a dimly lit karaoke bar will help dissolve your inhibitions since you can’t see anyone in the crowd (or their reaction to your talent).
  2. Using a single candle to set a burlesque mood, surprise your partner with a night of romantic love.
  3. Watching a graphic sex scene with your partner can be as awkward as it is erotic. With the lights off, you don’t have to maintain your poker face.
  4. Go to a sidewalk café with your friends for a late dinner (just as the sun is going down). Everyone’s always out and about, so shamelessly check out all the girls who walk by and play shun, shag or marry. That’s not cheating, that’s just testosterone-boosting.
  5. Plan a beach day with your partner, but instead of heading out in the a.m., go in the late afternoon, and stick around after sunset so you can flirt more than usual.
  6. Next time you’re at the movie theater, surprise your partner with an inner thigh massage (don’t forget which side of you she’s sitting on).
  7. Bubble baths and naughty fantasies go together like champagne and, well, anything. Light candles, then lower yourselves into the tub. Now take your imagination where it’s never gone before.
  8. Invite your partner over for a blackout version of truth or dare. Pull the curtains so you can barely see. When you’re feeling a little more risqué, it’s way more fun.
  9. Shut off the lights, and try Skype sex with your girlfriend. Since you’ll be in a shadowy room, you won’t feel too self-conscious. Plus, you won’t have to worry about evidence being left behind since Skype can’t record.
  10. If you have two left feet, take your partner to a barely lit club that plays relaxing music so you can slow dance. Knowing you can’t be seen will loosen you up, and you’ll both feel more relaxed and romantic.
  11. Go skinny-dipping with your partner. No explanation necessary why this is best done under a black sky.
  12. Most restaurants keep the lights low, but some keep them particularly low. Search to find a spot that people say is great for romantic evenings, which is pretty much code for extra dark. Take her there for your next date, and do naughty things under the table.
  13. Hit a carnival or amusement park at night, and ride the biggest, baddest roller coaster there. Scream your head off and pump your adrenaline to a maximum. The sex session that night will be wild!
  14. On a moonless night, strip and lie naked with your partner on a plush towel or blanket in the privacy of your own backyard. All types of caresses allowed.
  15. Most playgrounds are deserted after 8 p.m. Take your partner to one, and have fun swinging and running around. Oh, and the slide? It makes a pretty good place to lie down for some quick kissing.
  16. Sharing the wild stuff you’ve done in the past actually brings you closer as a couple, but it can be hard to admit your craziest antics without worrying she’ll judge. Lie next to her in your dark bedroom, and let her in on the fact that there’s still a lot she doesn’t know about you. Hint: leave out any story that involves an ex.
  17. Feed each other ice cream. Not being able to see means more spilling, which means more licking up the mess.

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Undress each other while it’s pitch dark. This way you’ll have more fun and the fumbling for buttons and braw strips will increase your excitement.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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