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The new trend that’s turning women on

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The new trend that’s turning women on

“The Rubicons which women must cross, the sex barriers which they must breach, are ultimately those that exist in their own minds.” – Freda Adler

On one past season of True Blood, there was one hot sex scene that blew all the others away (and given how naughty this show gets, that’s saying a lot). After it aired, message boards exploded with women writing in about how turned on they were by watching two vampires go at it naked in front of a roaring fire. The unexpected surprise: both characters were guys. And while fangs do have a way of making things sexier, women’s sudden appreciation for man-on-man lovin’ isn’t limited to the undead.

Recently, women have begun reading so much gay erotica that romance-novel publishers – like Harlequin and Running Press – have launched a series solely about male lovers to satisfy female audiences. One author of these books even told the press that close to 90 percent of her fan mail comes from chicks. Why are women suddenly so drawn to double-dude action? I found out.

Man-kissing on the rise. Before Brokeback Mountain, it was a risk for a male star to take on a gay role (and for movie studios to release films about same-sex romance) for fear that it would turn off mainstream audiences. But a combination of that movie’s success and a slew of celebrities coming out as gay or bisexual – from Lance Bass and Neil Patrick to Lady Gaga and Anna Paquin – has opened the door for more story lines involving gay characters and couples. Suddenly, we’re seeing more homosexual sex, and some of those scenarios are turning out to be a hit with women.

In the past, the rare times gay characters were featured, they were usually portrayed as effeminate stereotypes. Now, more are given depth and variety in their personalities. That means there are more characters like the ones in Brokeback and True Blood: confident and powerful. And those are two qualities women have pretty much always found sexy.

A hot mix. A big part of the appeal of gay porn is the fact that it’s something women can’t participate in themselves, which makes it feel tantalizing and off-limits. When females see something that is sexually explicit but that they can’t fully understand, it leaves room for their imagination to go wild. Women can fantasize about what it would feel like to be involved in that kind of sex, and that fantasy can really be anything she wants it to be.

But the forbidden aspect is only half of it. Physically, sex scenes involving two men tend to be more aggressive – adversely, lesbian scenes tend to be more sensual – and that taps in to a craving women have for more intense kind of sex. In other words, if your partner finds herself getting turned on watching two guys, um, manhandle each other, it may mean she’s wishing sex with you would sometimes feel more raw versus romantic. An easy way to turn a tame session more primal is to nip at her lips or neck during foreplay or push her away after kissing her passionately. A soft bite or playful push sends a very animalistic message and lets her know you’re feeling feisty. You may have to do it two or three times before she gets the hint, but once she does, she should get more aggressive with you.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Another way in which you can show your more aggressive side is to push out foreplay and choose an animalistic position (doggie-style, for example) and stick to it until she comes.

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