Are you ready to enhance your orgasms?

Are you ready to enhance your orgasms?

There are orgasms and then there are orgasms. Many people are perfectly satisfied with their ordinary run-of-the-mill orgasms. They don’t feel the need to ask if there could be something even more intense. Some erotic pioneers, however, have discovered erotic states of arousal that go beyond the kinds of experiences most people normally have with sex and orgasm. By the way, I have just finished preparing a new set of methods and special techniques which will definitely lead you to that state of over-the-top orgasm. In other words, yes, these new possibilities are yours to dive into and explore if you wish.

Multiple Orgasms

There is no reason why anyone should settle for just one orgasm when both men and women are capable of experiencing numerous orgasms within a single sexual encounter. Sometimes one good orgasm is all you need, but when there is more in you that wants to be released, then why not go for it?

Multiple orgasm is the experience of having two or more orgasms in succession without leaving the arousal phase. The intensity, number, duration, and distance between each orgasm can vary widely. To understand what multiple orgasms are, it is important to remember that one orgasm consists of many contractions. Do not confuse each contraction for an orgasm. There is a difference between having a long orgasm and having multiple orgasms. In multiple orgasms there is some buildup for each successive orgasm, much like the build up for your first orgasm, although it may take considerably less time.

Multiple orgasms are more common for women. Men, however, are also capable of experiencing successive orgasms. Becoming multi-orgasmic is simply a matter of practice. If you are determined and follow certain practices, you may be able to find your way there.

Multiple Orgasms for Her

If your partner is a woman who relies on clitoral stimulation for orgasm, as most women do, let her clitoris rest as long as it needs to after her first orgasm. You can stimulate other parts of her body, or continue to engage in penetration for a while before going for the next orgasm. If her clitoris remains too sensitive, then you may need to back off of clitoral stimulation altogether and work on increasing her arousal in other ways. Once her clitoris will tolerate more stimulation, you can start in again. If you can pick up the thread of arousal your partner may find her way to orgasm again in a matter of minutes. But take your time; the more time you spend increasing her arousal, the more intense her orgasm is likely to be. Don’t try to force it. This is just about her pleasure, what feels good to her.

Multiple Orgasms for You

For you, being able to experience multiple orgasms requires that you learn to refrain from ejaculation. Essentially, you must separate your orgasm from your ejaculation. In order to do this you will need to intimately understand your body’s sexual response and gain control over ejaculatory inevitability, or the point of no return. By strengthening your PC muscle and squeezing it really hard at the onset of orgasm, you can stop yourself from ejaculating while still allowing yourself to orgasm. Ejaculation is what initiates the refractory period. Thus, if you bypass ejaculation, you can maintain your erection and be able to continue having orgasms. This process can repeat until you are ready to allow your self to ejaculate. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but many men and their lovers have found it to be a very worthwhile practice.

G-Spot Orgasm and Female Ejaculation

More and more couples are discovering the intense pleasures of the G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation. Some find their way to these experiences by accident, simply the result of enjoying sex and doing what feels good. Others try to get there by following a few simple rules. If you’re one of the latter keep on reading.

A G-spot orgasm refers to an orgasm that results from the stimulation of the sensitive tissue of the G-spot, the area on the front wall of the vagina about one to two inches inside the vaginal canal. It is possible to stimulate the G-spot from the outside as well by putting pressure directly above the pubic mound. The G-spot is most likely to respond to stimulation once your partner is already significantly aroused. If you try stimulating it before she is turned on, it may feel sensitive in a way that is irritating. When stimulating the G-spot from inside the vaginal canal, making a come-hither motion with one or two fingers inserted should do the trick. You may also want to explore other kinds of stimulation to the G-spot, including vaginal penetration with a penis or sex toy.

Female ejaculation is the sudden release of fluids from the urethra during orgasm. Often it results from G-spot stimulation. The fluids released in female ejaculation are not urine. Laboratory analysis has shown that female ejaculate may have some of the same components as urine, but there is a significant difference in the composition.

The amount of ejaculate released and the way in which it is expelled from the urethra can vary tremendously. It can be as little as two drops or as much as two cups. The fluid may dribble out, gush out, or squirt and spray. Female ejaculation may occur with or without G-spot stimulation, but it usually requires a high state of arousal.

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