3 types of intense orgasms she’s desperate to achieve



3 types of intense orgasms she’s desperate to achieve

While you can reach orgasm more easily, she can experience more types of orgasms – a nature’s way to compensate, perhaps?

Some men find this idea pressing because they don’t really know how to help their lady achieve these different types of orgasms but really you should see it as a way of having more fun in the bedroom. This shouldn’t be a case of “What do I do, how do I get her there?”, but a sexy collaboration between you two.

Couples who are able to communicate in the bedroom are also able to communicate in all aspects of life – and this just makes your connection unbreakable. Do you want to know what else makes you unbreakable as a couple? Always moving forward and try new things – in the bedroom and outside of it.

Baby, the female body is so beautifully complex that it would be a shame not to explore it to the max! Don’t you want to know her most sensitive spots and how she reacts to different types of stimulation? Don’t you want to awaken parts of her she never even knew existed?

If you do this, I can guarantee she’ll never need or want another man in her life. Plus, this is an exciting journey filled with extreme orgasms for both of you. So hop in!

These are the 3 most powerful orgasms she is desperate to experience more and I want you to be the one who makes her feel sooo good

The G-spot orgasm

I’m mentioning it first because, in my opinion, it’s the strongest one. It’s also a rare one, unfortunately. Not because she is not able to experience it but because most women (or men) don’t even believe in the existence of a G-spot.

It’s easier to say it doesn’t exist than to make an effort to identify and then arouse it the right way. Baby, there is evidence that the G-spot is real and thanks to the millions of sources of information out there, it’s easier than ever to find it. For most women, the G-spot is located one inch or so inside the vaginal opening on the upper wall — closest to the belly button, as I always say. It is harder for her to reach it so she really needs you for this. Luckily, you’ll be there to give her a hand – literally.
I suggest you try and find it with your forefinger first – through a “come here” bend. It should feel like a spot that has a different, more slippery texture. Once stimulated, it starts to expand so it gets easier to hit it during penetration.

How to give her a G-spot orgasm more often: I always say this a special kind of orgasm because it involves her whole body. If she’s not relaxed and completely aroused, the G-spot won’t expand and therefore it won’t be exposed and fully stimulated during sex.

The key here is to get her fully wet BEFORE you even enter her. Maybe start with watching a sexy video, then say, “I’d love to do that to you”. Then kiss her slowly all over her body until she begs for penetration. If you want to make G-spot orgasms your specialty fast, I suggest you check out my “G-Spot Orgasms Made Easy” techniques!

The “Wet Dream” Orgasm

Wet dreams orgasms are so powerful that they wake you up! I’m sure it happened to you too – so you understand my need for mentioning this type of orgasm. Men experience an orgasm while sleeping particularly in their adolescence years, but women have them throughout their lifetime – though not as often as they wished!

My last wet dream orgasm happened two years ago and I still remember how it felt – almost teasingly good! Because you have this feeling like you’re approaching orgasm more and more, but that it will never truly come. And then… boom! – orgasm explosion throughout your whole body without even touching yourself!

Wow, the brain sure is a wonderful thing. Your woman probably experienced it too and – like most of us – she probably felt ashamed. “Why would you feel ashamed of something that feels so good?”, you might ask. Well, because nobody taught us that we deserve to feel this good on our own, to accept our bodies completely.

Please encourage your lady to do so because I promise you it will improve your sex life!

How to help her reach a “wet dream” orgasm: Even if you can’t help her physically, there are still ways you can provoke her brain to enter the orgasmic mood. The easiest way to do so is by teasing her. Just don’t have sex for a few days, but tease her with sexy pics and messages all the time. These images will get stuck in her brain and the only escape will be – you guessed it! – a wet dream + orgasm.

The Simultaneous Orgasm

Every woman dreams of climaxing with her lover every time. But it’s not easy to synchronize your orgasms, mainly because she takes longer to finish, so you feel pressured to let her orgasm first. Plus, female orgasm is so elusive that you never know if she’s truly experiencing an orgasm or if it’s going to just… slip away.

But finishing at the same time is a remarkable thing to achieve as a couple – it will make you feel like you can do everything together. Your connection will become stronger and your sex life… 10 times better.

So I get why she fantasizes about this a lot. More than you think, actually.

How to achieve simultaneous orgasms: You have to be able to understand her sexual responses well enough to predict when she’s close to sexual bliss. Try a position that allows you to stimulate the clitoris during penetration because this will help her synchronize her orgasm with yours. Also, pay attention to her body: when her clitoris or vagina starts pulsing, she’s definitely close to absolute pleasure.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, these powerful orgasms are a gift you should exchange more often as a couple. Even if she never talks about it, the G-spot orgasm becomes more and more intriguing as a lot of her friends mention it – so I want you to be able to give her that in ways no other man could! Check out my steamy program called “G-spot Orgasms Made Easy” to discover the easiest techniques to stimulate this amazing sweet spot!

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