6 things your woman wants you to know about her G-spot



6 things your woman wants you to know about her G-spot

The most erogenous zone on your lady’s body is also the most difficult to find. You may even doubt it exists, and there are also a lot of women who feel that way. Because there’s also a psychological pressure when it comes to the elusive G-spot: there are people who talk about incredible orgasms… Women who have felt their body shaking under intense waves of continuous pleasure make you feel less fortunate for not being able to experience the same out-of-this-world orgasms.

But the pressure is often our worst enemy, especially when it comes to our sex lives. Both you and your lover need to feel relaxed in order to fully enjoy your experiments and make them successful.

When I ask women about this mysterious spot, most of them say they “feel something” when they explore it themselves, but that their partners seem unable to find it or stimulate it during penetration. Some men don’t even try, they say.

But if the G-spot is something intriguing to you, I must encourage you to continue on this journey because it will be the adventure of a lifetime for you AND especially for your lover. This ultra-sensitive spot is real – I can promise you this – and it’s not as pretentious as you imagine once you become aware of its existence.

That’s why I think the best approach is starting with the basics. Here are the
answers to all of your burning questions regarding the G-spot:

1. Why is there so much controversy surrounding the G-spot?

That’s because the evidence of its existence is a bit mysterious. The G-spot isn’t visible and doesn’t even differentiate itself from the tissue surrounding it. It’s rather described as a cluster of nerve endings and tissue that engorges when stimulated. The fact that it becomes bigger is actually your only clue it’s there – and once you feel it, you can begin a more structured stimulation.

2. Where is it again?

The G-spot is located at about 2.5-3 inches in the vagina directly below her urethra. She needs YOU to really enjoy and explore this sensitive area because the location makes it basically impossible for her to reach it with her own fingers. That means you’re the only one who can really activate that goldmine of pleasure – feeling lucky yet?

3. Does every woman have a G-spot?

Yes, every woman has it, but it’s true that many of them have never… felt it. That is because it requires a specific type of stimulation and a bit of patience for exploring the area. The truth is many men lack the patience.
Also, the degree of sexual sensation in the spot varies widely with every woman, not to mention that it can vary even within the same woman depending on the timing of arousal, time of the day, time of the month (ovulation) or even her mood.

4. What’s the best technique to stimulate it once you find it?

Your fingers provide the best access to the G-spot. You need to be firm, but gentle at the same time as the area is extremely sensitive. Use a “come-hither” curl to your stroke and you might feel a slight increase in firmness about the size of a quarter. That’s her G-spot. Once you’re certain you’ve found it, continue the stimulation making the same movement, but varying the intensity as her moans increase. Ask your partner about what feels best.

5. How can you be certain you’ve found the right spot?

It’s true that some lovers say they can’t feel anything with their fingers and that depends on how big the area gets when stimulated. If the engorgement is only very subtle, then you might not feel it. However, your lady will be able to guide you to the correct area based on her sensations. If you’re close, she will feel it surely. The need to pee is also a sign that you’re on the right spot since it’s located so close to the urethra. Just note that she will need more general arousal before her body will acknowledge this same touch as sexually pleasurable.

6. Can intercourse provide G-spot stimulation?

Yes, you can bet on that. But you have to be aware of the fact that some positions bring the penis into contact with the G-spot more than others, so don’t just assume you can hit it from any angle. Usually, the positions where she tilts her pelvis are best.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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