The G-Spot road map



The G-Spot road map

My room is the G-spot. Call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bed rock”- Young Money

Because I know you hate asking for directions, I’ll show you how to find, tease and treasure the G-spot. Because, in case you were wondering or had any doubts, this priceless pleasure point does exist. Scientists have seen it on MRI scans. It exists and every woman on the planet has one.

What worries me is that a recent UK study found that only 56 per cent of the 1800 women surveyed were sure they had a G-spot. If we gals have doubts, how can we ask from a man to be sure not only that it exists, but also where to find it and how to stroke it so that it unleashes the maximum amount of pleasure in our vajayjays. Here’s a detailed description so that there’s no misleading you anymore.

What the hell is it?

The elusive G-spot has been described as the “Loch Ness Monster” of the sexual world because it can be so hard to find. But it equals guaranteed pleasure. Just so you know what you are looking for, the G-spot is a small kidney bean-shaped piece of flesh that feels like wrinkled skin and it’s located approximately two to three inches inside the vagina, directly behind her pubic bone.

So how do I find it?

Remember that the G-spot can only be felt during arousal, so spend some time stoking your honey’s fires before exploring. Get her to lie on her back, knees bent with her feet flat on the bed and a pillow under her butt. Lube up your index finger and slide it into her vagina, making sure the pad of your finger is touching the top wall (where her belly button is). The area around the G-spot should feel smooth and taut, but the spot itself will feel fleshy, puffy or wrinkled.

But what do I do with it?

The G-spot responds to firm pressure, but be aware that it can prompt many chicks to feel a brief need to urinate. It could be a good idea for her to go to the bathroom beforehand just to make sure. Use your index finger to put pressure on the spot by gently tapping it or making the “come here” motion. When massaging her G-spot, it should start to swell and firm up, much like your package does when she massages it. Also, her G-spot has something in common with her nipples and clitoris: the more sensation that builds up, the bigger the release she’ll feel when she orgasms. Use these strokes during foreplay to increase her sensitivity slowly and lay the groundwork for a major explosion.

a)      Happy tapper. A gentle two-finger tapping motion against her G-spot will stimulate the overall area and focus her attention right where it should be. Slip two fingers inside her and then tap her G-spot lightly, alternating laps with each fingertip. The taps excite the nerves near her G-spot over and over.

b)      Windscreen wiper. While tapping creates one type of tension, constant contact provides another kind that’s just as satisfying. Graze your fingertip across her G-spot in the same way that a window wiper does a windscreen. The side-to-side touch sets off nearby nerve-endings and creates a spill over effect of pleasure around her G-spot.

c)      C shaped blissfulness! While you’re lying in the spoon position, inside one or two fingers inside her vagina and gently stroke her G-spot. After a few minutes, place the pad of your thumb just above or bellow the clitoris, so your whole hand forms a C shape. Then, massage her clitoris while applying light then firmer pressure to her G-spot as she becomes more aroused. The nerves of her clitoris extend all the way to the G-spot, so having both stroked at the same time creates intense desire.

d)     Thumbs up. Have her kneel on the bed, with her knees comfortably spread and her torso upright. Kneel down behind her and ease in your finger or thumb pad, so you’re touching her G-spot. As you slowly tease and stroke it, start caressing (or kissing) her breasts simultaneously, especially around her nipples, so both erogenous zones swell and harden in arousal.

Have a stimulatingly happy week-end,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Don’t get freaked out if she ejaculates a small amount of fluid when she comes, it’s normal. If you are interested in learning more advanced techniques in G-spot orgasms and squirting, then make sure to check out my video “GSpot Orgasms Made Easy“.

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