Ride ‘Em G-Spot Cowgirl!



Ride ‘Em G-Spot Cowgirl!

“The best kind of kinky sex is to have kinky sex with your wife or husband, the person you love.” ~ Frank Langella

As more and more couples are learning, reverse cowgirl and its variations are the hottest ways to have sex. It’s always erotic to have your lady ride you, and these three positions will make her proud to wear her cowgirl hat.

Reverse Cowgirl

I love Reverse Cowgirl so much that I have to shout it: REVERSE COWGIRL IS AMAZING! I love the amount of control it gives me over my orgasm, and my husband loves the amount of pleasure I feel when I have an orgasm in this position.

Like the basic woman-on-top position, he can relax a little and let me do most of the work. It’s a win-win for us—perhaps it will be for you, too.

Here’s how reverse cowgirl works:

  1. Lie on your back on the bed in a comfortable position.
  2. Have your lover sit astride you, facing your feet, and lower herself onto your penis. Be careful with this step—you don’t want to bend your penis or cause yourself any discomfort.
  3. She will then need to bend forward, so that her face is near your knees, to align her body with yours.
  4. Now she can use the techniques she mastered in the basic woman-on-top position, grinding her body into yours.
  5. As she presses her body downward, toward your feet, hold her hips and pull her into you, increasing the pressure on her G-Spot.
  6. Reach around to caress her clitoris, if you can reach it. If not, encourage her to touch herself so she can experience the maximum amount of pleasure.

I can’t tell you how many of my girlfriends have become devotees of the reverse cowgirl position. Although a few of them had a slow start with it, they found that with a few tries, they experienced the same kind of explosive orgasms as I do.

Reverse Cowgirl Sitting Up

As the name implies, this position is a simple variation of basic reverse cowgirl. Use the exact techniques I described in reverse cowgirl, but instead of lying forward, have her sit back into you. She’ll experience the same benefits and rewards as in the original position, but she’ll have more options for moving her body, for example:

  • Using her feet as support, she can gently bounce up and down.
  • She can lean forward onto her knees and back into you while you pull her closer.
  • She can grind into you, making small pelvic circles.
  • She can use her hands and feet to support herself while you thrust upward into her.

See, the variations are endless! Whichever techniques you try, remember to stay focused on your goal: stimulating her G-Spot. In this position, you’ll both have lots of access to her clitoris, and you will have manual access to her G-Spot, as well. Try different combinations and see what works best for you.

Forward Cowgirl (aka “The Fusion”)

A favorite Kama Sutra position, the fusion is a combination of the woman-on-top and sitting-up reverse cowgirl positions, so even though forward cowgirl seems fancy, if you’ve mastered the other two techniques, you’ll find this one simple to perform.

To do forward cowgirl, Lie on your back on the bed. Have her sit astride you, facing your head, and lower herself onto you. Now that you’re in the proper position, you can mix it and find the right combination of stimulation. For example…

  • She can lean back against your knees and support herself with her arms while you thrust your penis against her G-Spot and caress her clitoris.
  • She can lean forward, placing her arms above your head, while she thrusts down against you. Manual stimulation won’t be as accessible, but this variation allows her to find and maintain firm, direct G-Spot pleasure.
  • She can sit upright with her legs draped over your chest and shoulders. In this variation, she won’t be able to use her legs to move herself, so you’ll need to grab her hips and move your body against hers. She can use one of her free hands to enjoy clitoral stimulation.
  • She can even ride sidesaddle! Once she’s in place atop you, have her move both legs to the same side of your body. Again, you’ll need to control the action and support her body, but there’s something very primal about grabbing your woman by the hips and thrusting into her from a lying-down position, especially when is an erotic position like any of the cowgirl techniques.

I strongly recommend trying forward cowgirl dozens and dozens of times, just so you can try out all the different permutations of hands touching sensitive body parts. I promise, this is a research project that you will love.


Gabrielle Moore

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