G-Spot Orgasms: G Stands for Great! Facts to Understanding the Big G



G-Spot Orgasms: G Stands for Great! Facts to Understanding the Big G

Despite years of research and study, the G-Spot remains one of the most sought after parts of a woman’s body. Men hunt for it like they are mining for gold and in a way they are because once you hit the big G you never forget it. Neither does your sweetie.

News about the G-spot seems to be everywhere. How to find it, where to find it, what to do with it, does it even exist? One can’t help but wonder if Dr. Grafenberg had any idea all the hype his bean shaped find would produce in the years to come.

One thing does seem absolute: Women find stimulation of the G-spot very pleasurable. So much so that it can make them ejaculate. That’s right boys. Women ejaculate. It can be just a few drops, it can be up to a cupful or it can be anything in between. It is all normal.

If you want to learn about the G-spot and how to make the most of it to give your partner incredible sexual pleasure, read on and commit the following tips to memory:

Where IS it?

If you feel like the G-spot is an elusive mystery you are certainly not alone. Both men and women search and search sometimes with no results. It seems like the darn thing is hiding on purpose! Here is the deal on what the most recent research says: what is commonly referred to as the G-spot is a collection of tissue with highly sensitive tissue that is located in the vagina. It is not in the exact same place in every woman which is why it can be hard to find. There seems to be a high number of women who report extreme arousal when an area on the anterior wall of the vagina is stimulated. The G-spot must be thought of as more of a region than an actual thing. To find it you have to look for it and you do this by providing stimulation to different areas of the vagina until the woman says stop.

Make the Search Fun

Looking for the G-spot does not have to be a science experiment or an investigation worthy of an FBI commendation. Looking for it can be fun if you keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to touch a woman’s vagina that feels good. Please don’t just stick your finger in there and jam it in and out and all around. Instead just have fun experimenting. You may find ways she likes to be touched without even getting anywhere near the G-spot. Start slowly with one finger and take a while to get to know her vagina. How does the inside feel? Sometimes the G-spot is made of thicker tissue so it may feel differently than the rest. Touch and stroke inside her entire vagina putting pressure on different spots as you go. Let her tell you what feels good and guide you with her reactions. Usually when the G-spot is stimulated it feels very different from other stimulation and is much more pleasurable. In other words, you will know when you find it based on her reaction.

Sex Toys Rock

There are sex toys especially designed to simulate the G-spot and buying one may be the best investment you can make for your sexual pleasure. Vibrators that are curved and inserted in the vagina then pushed up to stimulate the upper vaginal wall are amazing and can send a woman into orbit. Try one that allows you to control the speed and then turn it up very slowly to let her arousal build. It will drive her wild.

Put Pressure on the G-spot, Not on Either of You

By far the most important thing I can say about the G-spot is please do not worry if you do not find it right away or if she doesn’t have an orgasm immediately. The media gives the G-spot a lot of credit for being the end all be all in the world of sex. So much so that if a woman does not experience a G-spot orgasm right away the man sometimes feels like a failure and the woman thinks there is something wrong with her. Indeed, many women have even undergone invasive and dangerous surgery to create what plastic surgeons are dubbing “designer vaginas.” This includes having the wall of their vagina shaved down to supposedly make the G-spot more prevalent. There is no evidence that this works. Putting pressure on each other to have some mind blowing orgasm is certain to do one thing: keep the orgasm from happening.

A couple’s sex life is a live entity. It constantly changes and evolves as couples become more comfortable with each other and try new things. Make sex fun, let things flow and happen naturally while you use the information you learn in the process. If you can do this, then the G-spot is more likely to make an appearance along with the mind blowing orgasm.


Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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