G-spot climax clinic



G-spot climax clinic

“My God, a moment of bliss. Why, isn’t that enough for a whole lifetime?”- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I’m usually flooded with reader e-mails asking me about women’s G-spot. The concerns I see most: why it’s so difficult to achieve G-spot orgasms, what’s going on inside a woman’s vagina and does the elusive hot spot even exist?

So I felt it was time to put this reassuring piece of news out there. The G-spot exists and is a part of a woman’s anatomy, just like the limbs or the heart. And yes, giving her a G-spot orgasm is really not that hard. You just have to follow some basic ground-rules. There, I’m laying them down for you.

1) Sex moves that increase G-spot pleasure

Woman-on-top is a definite G-spot winner. Think about it: when she’s facing you, yet leaning back at a certain angle, your penis naturally rests against her upper vaginal wall, and even the slightest thrusting means you can easily stimulate her G. Plus, being on top puts her in control of the depth and speed, letting her adjust your penis so your strokes always hit the spot.

Doggy-style also offers maximum access, especially if she’s lying on her stomach with her legs spread only slightly. Being on her stomach with her legs close together sandwiches the vaginal walls, so it’s almost impossible for your penis not to come in contact with her G-spot.

And don’t discount missionary position. There’s a reason why the good old missionary remains the most popular way for many couples to have sex. It’s the mashed potatoes of making love: you know exactly what it will taste like and you know it will make you happy. Go with the modified version in which she’s on her back with her knees bent and feet resting flat on the bed. Have her raise her pelvis by propping a few pillows under her butt. Sit up and enter her so you’re thrusting at a slightly upward angle, which gives your penis access to her upper vaginal wall. This way, she’ll feel direct stimulation of her G with each back-and-forth thrust.

2) The ultimate trick for G-spot bliss

One bedroom trick involving the G-spot tops them all when it comes to a knee-buckling climax: the blended orgasm. This combines G-spot stimulation while you or your partner play with her clitoris, working up to a double-her-pleasure orgasm. The nerves of the clitoris extend very close to the G-spot, so reaching peak via the two types of touching at the same time is about as intense as it gets.

To have your partner experience a blended orgasm during foreplay, caress her clitoris with your fingers while massaging her G-spot with one or two fingertips from your other hand. As she gets excited, she’ll raise her pelvis to meet your fingers so she’ll almost going to be thrusting against your hand. Another tow-clenching move: flick her clitoris with your tongue while you’re manually manipulating her G-spot.

When it comes to achieving blended orgasm during intercourse, your best bet, again, is woman-on-top. While she is angling her body so your penis rubs against her G and also supporting her body weight with her hands on the bed, play with her clitoris. Heighten her pleasure even more by thrusting a bit… and then stop and switch to stimulating her clitoris. Resume and keep it like this for a few turns.
Finally, when she can’t take it anymore, stimulate her inside and outside pleasure zones until she surrenders to orgasm. Because you’re both involved in bringing her to a blended orgasm, you experience not just physical pleasure, but a deep connection as well.

3) Boosting the power of her G-spot

• Buy a vibrator. Every couple should own one. It helps women climax in a matter of minutes, and the more orgasms she has, the more she wants sex, so it’s great for her libido. Also, if you want to achieve the blended orgasm I’ve mentioned above, you can use the vibrator to stimulate her vaginally while you’re performing oral sex, focusing on her clitoris, or the other way around, or both, for deeper, more intense sensations!
• Get a piece of the action as well. Try the 69 position, with her on top. This gives you the chance to enjoy an orgasm as well. While she is performing oral on you, do the same, separating her vaginal lips slightly so that you reach her clitoris. Also, don’t forget about her G-spot, so insert one finger inside her vagina and work your magic. Use medium pressure with your finger and a flat, relaxed tongue, while performing oral. This way you’re building up her pleasure gradually, instead of making her come too quickly and not giving her the chance to fully enjoy the sensations. Also, try to move in accordance to what she’s doing with your penis. Thus you’ll have the chance of experiencing the master of blended orgasms: both hers and yours.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Go on, do something totally unpredictable- make your sex life exciting and new again. If you know that rubbing her clitoris 10 times clockwise makes her climax without fail- change it. The traditional method gives her pleasure, but won’t give you great sex every day. If you are interested in learning more advanced techniques in G-spot orgasms and squirting, then make sure to check out my video “GSpot Orgasms Made Easy“.

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