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Do you need a sexorcism?

G-Spot Orgasms

Do you need a sexorcism?

“Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.” – Sex & The City

We all have sexual demons. While your head may not be spinning 360 degrees (not sexy!), you might be possessed by other annoying anxieties that are holding you back. Now’s the time to banish the devils from your bed and reclaim the glory of hang-up-free, hallelujah-hot sex.

The Demon

Orgasm face anxiety

Tragic but true. At the moment of utmost ecstasy, some men and women worry that they look like gnarling hyenas… or a mouth-agape Taylor Swift at an award show. A friend of mine used to bite her lips when she orgasmed, but then he was told by one of her former boyfriends that it looked like she was faking it and being overly dramatic. Now she’s deeply self-conscious about it and can’t fully enjoy her orgasm for fear of how her face looks.

The sexorcism

There’s an actual scientific term for freaking out about your orgasm face, and it’s not, “Dude, you’re crazy!” Spectatoring is when you’re judging your own pleasure without fully experiencing it. Don’t let your face block your penis’ happiness. Try looking into your partner’s eyes (or kissing on her earlobe and neck) to focus more on connecting  with her and less on what your face looks like. Side note: Never judge a woman’s orgasm face. Just be happy it’s happening.

The Demon

Frozen vocal cords

She’s grabbing your balls like they’re made of steel and grinding on your penis like a Maltipoo in heat. At this point, you’d love to nudge her in the right direction and tell her that her moves aren’t that arousing as she might think, but your vocal chords are paralyzed. “I’m scared to ask her to do something because I’m afraid she’ll think it’s weird or she’ll become upset and want to end the whole thing”, says Michael or his sexual silence.

The sexorcism

Talking about sex when you’re about to do the dirty puts too much pressure on everybody. Next time you’re having a conversation in the car or on the couch, let her know a couple of things she does that you like before suggesting you’d love more (penis action/oral/what have you). Most women appreciate a little sexy direction.

The Demon

Hand dependency

You love your hand. Her motor’s so powerful, it could rev up a Tesla, and she always gets you off. But things take a turn if you’re more into your hand than sex with a real, live person. It takes just enough time to ejaculate while masturbating, but I either go too fast or take too long when I’m with my partner”, says Kyle.

The sexorcism

Your magic hand can’t yank off your underwear and flip you into girl-on-top like a human lover can. So try making yourself come in the presence of your partner. Once she sees what motions turn you on, she’ll be more than happy to apply what she’s learned. Also, if you think that what you’re lacking is more friction, try a vibrating penis ring during sex with your partner. A woman wants to see you come. Include her!

The Demon

Penis shame

Getting oral from a woman who knows what she’s doing is like eating salted-caramel gelato while watching your favorite soccer team play. But sadly some men are too ashamed of their manly parts to enjoy it. Karl won’t allow women to go down on him after an ex told him, mid-oral, that his penis is “sooo bent”. Now he thinks he looks weird, so he won’t let girls do it.

The sexorcism

In porn, the huge, straight, veiny penis is all the rage. But there are no perfect penises – they come in a plethora of shapes, colors and sizes. Still, many penis-shame sufferers are disconnected from their own penises. I suggest a penis exam. Grab a mirror and bond with your magic wand. Touch yourself using different sensations – fingers, vibes, feathers! You’re built for pleasure. The more you experience it, the more you can share it with your partner.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. If you think your partner might suffer from some of the demons mentioned here, have her read the piece also. You’ll both benefit from it!

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  1. Tim H.

    February 26, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    As always, your,info is so informative. I always learn something.

  2. Eddie

    March 29, 2016 at 7:47 am

    THANK YOU !!!!!!! So much for your pro advice . It helps & has improved me HUGELY
    Can u help …. Please
    My lady will not me use my hands , so getting her warmed up or even letting experience G-Spot is not possible
    Great fear of germs ….
    She loves sex but you have taught me SO MUCH …..(thanx thanx thanx ) I want to share with her

    Please help

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