Could This Be the New G-Spot?



Could This Be the New G-Spot?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard all the hype about the G spot. It’s been said to be the superior kind of orgasm to the clitoral orgasm. Many women have lusted for it and their partners have longed to give it to them, but not everyone has been able to achieve it, which has led to a lot of speculation on whether or not it even exists.

Ask most sex experts and they’ll agree that the G spot DOES exist. Not every woman loves to have it stimulated (some do) and not every woman is able to experience a G spot orgasm (for whatever reason – not stimulated correctly or simply not possible for her). But let’s set aside the much-debated G spot for now to discuss another exciting erogenous spot in the female vagina: the anterior fornix erogenous zone. This zone is called many things: AFE zone, AFE, A-spot, epicenter, deep spot or second G-spot, but for this article we will refer to it as the AFE zone.

What and where is the AFE zone?

The AFE zone was discovered by a Malaysian sexologist named Dr. Chua Chee Ann. He was researching women with vaginal dryness and discovered that stimulating this particular spot led to fast lubrication and arousal in his subjects. It is a spot located deep within the vagina, close to the cervix.

The AFE zone is located on the inner wall of the vagina, just like the G spot, but unlike the G spot, the AFE zone is located much deeper. You can find it by inserting your finger all the way inside her vagina and bending your finger slightly inward at the top. At the top of her vagina is the cervix and the AFE zone is just before that.

How to give your partner an AFE zone orgasm

* Just like any other kind of special stimulation (clitoral, G spot, etc.), you’re partner will need to be aroused before stimulating this area. To make sure you’ve accomplished this, engage in at least 15 minutes of foreplay before trying to touch this area.

* To find the spot, insert your finger all the way inside her vagina and first try to locate the cervix. The cervix will feel like a round-shaped, rubbery and firm mass at the very top of the vaginal canal. Once you’ve located that, move your finger toward the front of the vagina, but still maintain your finger very deep inside her. It should have a similar feel to the G spot: spongy to the touch.

* The stimulation technique for the AFE zone is also similar to the G spot technique. Use your finger to sweep across the area in a “come hither”- like motion. Dr. Chua Chee Ann suggests using a scooping motion to stimulate it repeatedly. You can also try other stimulation techniques that work well on the G spot, such as applying pressure to the spot by tapping on it with your finger, tracing circles over the zone, or making little figure 8 motions.

* Some people might have trouble reaching the AFE zone or others might find it difficult to do the right kind of motions once their finger is inside their partner. If that’s the case for you, you can also try using a long G spot sex toy to do the job. Make sure you get one of the toys that has a longer shaft to use so that it can be inserted further into her vagina to reach the AFE zone.

* Dr. Chua Chee Ann also reported that AFE zone stimulation feels best for a woman when it’s done in combination with other kinds of stimulation. You can try stimulating the area while fingering your partner, during oral sex, clitoral stimulation, or while stimulating the breasts. Another technique that feels really amazing is to alternate between stimulating the G spot and the AFE zone.

* Special tip * Stimulating this area results in a lot of lubrication, so a good way to know if you’ve got the right spot is if your partner suddenly gets really wet.

Dr. Chua Chee Ann said that stimulated the AFE zone for 10 minutes every single day could result in better vaginal lubrication and more regular orgasms for women. So, if you didn’t have a reason to try this zone out before, now you do! And your partner will love the results as well.

Have fun exploring this exciting erogenous zone!

Gabrielle Moore

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