Make her crazy about your “package”



Make her crazy about your “package”

Celebrated through ancient Greek sculpture, memorialised in monuments around the world and even bathroom graffiti — at school and everywhere, the penis may be the most popular, controversial and well-studied human organ ever. And since you own one, I will allow you a few seconds to feel important right now…

Alright, so back to business. Despite its popularity and wide representation,  the male member still keeps some secrets that only scientists can reveal. For instance, did you know that the size of your erection can be different based on the type of stimulation you receive? In a proven study, those who measured their “instrument” after oral sex or intercourse had larger penises than those who relied on solo sex. Another fact you should consider is that smoking reduces blood flow to the penis, which means it can shorten your size by up to 0.4 inches (1 cm), found the study.

As for the appearance, Swiss researchers asked female participants to rank which factors they considered most important in an attractive penis and it turns out women like a wide variety of “packages” — they found different genital characteristics “normal” or even “great”. The study concluded that when it comes to the male member, women focus more on the total package than on one specific part. Which is good news if you’re self-conscious about the look of your penis or testicles, for example.

But the question is: can you make a woman want to give more attention to your man parts? And the answer is yes — there are ways to make your woman want to touch them, lick them or ride them more than ever before. The secret lays in four different aspects you may need to focus more on. Read on to make your woman proud!

Make it smell better

If you want her to always be desperate about touching and tasting your man parts, it’s very important that you smell good down there. And even though you want to believe that is always the case, well… life happens. Sometimes you sweat more than usual or your diet is all over the place — because yes, diet has a huge role in the way your intimate parts smell and taste.

What you need to know is your genital area has a lot of sebaceous and apocrine glands which produce oil and sweat. This is also the area of your body that can get overheated under multiple layers of clothes, another cause for bacterial growth which leads to not so pleasant smells. But there’s a lot you can do about it.

Obviously, always shower before sexy time with your lady, even if you already showered in the morning and it’s the afternoon. Especially if it’s hot outside, it doesn’t take long to lose that freshness. Then try to always use cotton underwear, because it’s breathable and stops bacterial growth. You will also feel more comfortable, so it’s a double win! If you’re out all day, try to use baby wipes infused with coconut oil every few hours. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antiviral, keeping your intimate parts nice&healthy.

Make it taste better

The taste of your man parts has a lot to do with what you eat on a daily basis. Some women don’t like to give blowjobs because they simply don’t like the taste of penis “juices”. They’re not meant to taste delicious, so don’t panic — it’s totally normal. But there is plenty of room for improvement.

Semen tastes salty at its best. If you eat a lot of spicy junk food, it’s gonna be a disaster. To make sure you taste good, you have to build a better diet. Try to ease up on cigarettes, red meat, dairy and processed sugars, and make sure you incorporate more fruits and vegetables. Pineapple, in particular, can make your semen taste a lot better.

Find ways to last longer

A long-lasting erection is obviously attractive — and will make her more excited to try new stuff with you all the time. Plus, if your erection can make it through a decent foreplay (10 minutes at least), she’ll feel so much more connected and attracted to your penis, just because she has plenty of time to play with it!

To make sure you last longer than usual, try to have regular solo activity (but not too much) and to get plenty of sleep. Remember: if you’re always working until midnight and barely get a few hours of sleep, you won’t be able to dominate your erection.

By the way, if you want to learn more about lasting longer, check out this technique in my latest program, Last Longer Tonight.

Trim it like it’s hot

Recent studies confirm it: most women like it when your intimate parts are groomed. It shows you care, and that’s not a bad thing. Your man parts also look better and bigger when they’re not covered with hair, and she’ll be more excited to give you a blowjob, that’s for sure!

Be careful, though — if you’re using scissors, use a pair designated solely for your intimate parts, not the one you cut your hair with (or use in the kitchen — even worse!). You don’t want to spread genital bacteria to other parts of your body. And never ever shave your pubes when they’re dry. Use warm water and foaming shaving cream to make everything go smoother. You can use some coconut oil afterward to minimise the risk of irritation.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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