4 ejaculation skills that secretly turn her on



4 ejaculation skills that secretly turn her on

Ejaculation is a hot topic when it comes to sex, but the debate is usually about how long you can delay it in order to make sex more intense and more pleasurable for your lady. Nevertheless, new studies have found that the volume and intensity of your ejaculation are also very important to female sexual pleasure.

There are a lot of factors that REALLY turn a woman on when it comes to semen, but the most important of them is, of course, biological. Women are wired to associate sperm with procreation – even if they don’t want a child right now. A powerful boatload of semen indicates a healthy and fertile male who is not only able to get a woman pregnant quickly, but also strong enough to provide for a potential family. And that turns her on like crazy!

So let’s talk about the sexiest ejaculation skills you can develop to make your lady obsessed with getting naked:

Your semen volume

Adult performers you see in X-rated videos blow impressive loads… and while I always tell you it’s not healthy to compare yourself to other men, I know you will do that anyway – because it’s human nature. And women also consume porn nowadays – which means she might have some… big expectations when it comes to your load. The thing is women associate the volume of your load with the level of attraction and pleasure you experience while having sex with them. They think the more you shoot, the more satisfied and into them you are.

This is the reason why your lady will get more and more into sex with you if your load is consistent. If you want to learn everything there is to know about how to increase your semen production overnight safely and naturally, I recommend you check out my friend’s Lloyd Lester’s program called Sexual Explosion: How To Shoot Bigger Loads & Increase Ejaculation Pleasure. The reason I recommend this specific program is because it offers a comprehensive solution instead of a surface temporary fix – you get quick and permanent results safely and naturally, which is something I always value. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Your ability to delay ejaculation

When you’re able to delay your ejaculation even when it’s obvious that you’re totally into what’s happening, you communicate your masculine strength, something that makes women obsessed with getting naked. Nothing is sexier than a man who is strong enough to control his sexual impulses even when it seems like ejaculation is inevitable. Plus, the fact that you’re doing it to prolong her pleasure is even more exciting. A woman will do anything for a man who is capable of so much strength and selflessness.

The ability to ejaculate every time

There is this myth that women find it harder to orgasm while men can do it easily and as many times as they want. But the truth is a lot of men experience the inability to ejaculate, and the causes are the same: stress, lack of proper sleep, powerful emotions or even a poor diet. However, many studies have found that women find it very distressing when their partner is suddenly unable to ejaculate, and that is because they feel they’re not desired or attractive enough. It’s actually a sure way to destroy their night and their self-esteem.

If this happens to you I recommend paying attention to your lifestyle. If you are stressed it might help to get into yoga or meditation. Your diet is also very important, so make sure you eat as many fresh foods as you can. Aim to sleep at least 7 hours every night.

The sounds you make while ejaculating

While women don’t like men who scream as hard as they do during sex play, it’s just as bad to remain completely silent –  and that’s because we can’t tell if you’re into it or not or if you even like us. Plus, a powerful scream at that peak moment of release makes you look sexier and more masculine while it makes us proud for sharing that special erotic experience with you. So try to give her subtle but somehow strong clues that you’re completely into it.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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