Warming Up & Turning On: Tantric Yoga for Sensational Sex



Warming Up & Turning On: Tantric Yoga for Sensational Sex

“We will touch our feet, yes,
Yes, for all we’re worth,
And we will love each other, yes,
Yes, like we love our Mother Earth.”
Bokonon, “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonegut

When you think of tantric sex, you probably get an immediate image in your mind of acrobatic sex positions that challenge even the most flexible body! While there is a lot more to tantra that twisting up like a pretzel, using new positions can help you focus and reach new heights of ecstasy… but if you’re going to try out some interesting new moves, this simple warm-up routine will help you and your lover connect on a physical level and get into the right mindset to start exploring new sexual positions (without having to worry about cramping up in the middle)!

Forward Bend

Just like it sounds, this one is nice and simple so it’s a great place to start. Try by sitting facing each other with your legs stretched out straight in front of you, feet touching. Keeping your back completely straight, breathe out as you lean forward with your arms outstretched and reach for your ankles, toes, or the hands of your lover depending on your level of flexibility.

Shoulder Stand

This is a much more advanced exercise; the shoulder stand should be avoided by those with neck and back problems. Lie flat on your back and as you breathe in, slowly bring your knees up and your feet close to your bum. Using your hands on your lower back, roll yourself so the soles of your feet turn up toward the ceiling and your legs straighten with your chin tucked into your chest and your weight supported on your shoulders.

Now exhale slowly and allow your legs to drop over your head to touch your feet to the floor, resting in this position to take a few deep breaths. To return to a resting position, slowly roll your spine one vertebrae at a time until your legs reach the floor, being sure to keep your abdomen tensed.

The Fish

You should use this exercise as a follow up to the shoulder stand, lying flat on the floor but this time raising your upper body up on your elbows, hanging your head back to rest on the floor and arching the spine while taking a few deep breaths. Once ready, inhale and roll the spine slowly back down toward the floor to rest.

The Cat & the Cow

Perfect for promoting spinal health, these two positions should be used in a continuous motion, performed on all fours, first inhaling and arching the back with the stomach pointing to the floor and chin jutting out, then exhaling and curving the spine upward while tucking the chin in to the chest and sucking the stomach up. Repeat several times.

The Cobra

For this position, flip around with your belly down, forehead flat on the floor and your palms down on the ground by your shoulders. From this position, extend your arms and inhale as you curve your spine and turn your face upward. Don’t lock your elbows, but hold this pose briefly before exhaling and rolling back down.

The Bridge

Stretch your groin before the grind by lying flat on your back once again, knees bent and feet close to your bum, arms by your side, palms down. Lift your groin from the floor as you inhale and make a straight line on an angle from your shoulders through your chest and abdomen, groin and thighs. Be sure to keep your shoulders firm on the floor at all times. When you are ready, exhale and return to the floor.

The Twist

Finally, this little warm up will help liven the spine and stretch the sides. Return to the very first position, sitting upright with the legs straight out in front of you, facing your partner. Begin the twist by crossing your right foot over your left leg and place it flat on the floor, then place your left arm straight out in front of you, on the outside of your left knee, keeping your back straight and shoulders square. Stretch and take a few deep breaths as your arm presses into your leg, then release the stretch and repeat on the other side.

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