Take sex to a deeper level



Take sex to a deeper level

“I want no ordinary lover. I want sleepless nights, I want passion, I want someone who’s able to make my whole body shiver from a distance and also pull me close to make sense of all my bones.”

Animalistic sex sessions belong waaay up on every guy’s gotta-have-it list. But slow, soulful encounters shouldn’t get second billing just because they don’t leave cracks in the bedroom walls. This kind of sex is deeper than connecting physically. It’s about losing yourself in the moment and bonding emotionally as well. So do yourselves a favor and, some nights, put the following soulful sex advice into action.

Prolong preplay

This kind of carnal connection isn’t about insta-orgasm. It’s about savoring every touch and sensation, which magnifies the physical and emotional experience. It also results in a bigger payoff when your partner hits the big O. The sexual tension and anticipation leads to a more intense climax for women but also for men. To keep yourselves from sprinting to the finish line, lie in bed just kissing and caressing. This mutual stimulation puts you in a meditative state, allowing you to zero in on each sensation. Treat her to a tantalizing experience by touching her from head to toe. Becoming familiar with the details of her anatomy lets you mesh on a higher sensual level. So let your hands glide down her spine. Run your fingers along the crease where her thigh meets her groin. Then let her navigate your randy regions too. Uncovering pleasure points specific to your bodies is like a secret the two of you share. It’s another exclusive facet of your relationship.

Breathe in sync

It may sound like a lot of hot air, but breathing in unison can make you both feel totally connected. When you are focused on getting into the same rhythm, you enter a near trancelike state. It takes you into the “zone”, where you’re highly aware of your partner, and your external environment seems to fade to black. To synchronize your breathing, get into a body-to-body position, such as spoon or coital alignment. Or sit nose to nose with your legs wrapped around each other and your hands on each other’s chests so you can feel your heartbeats. Then inhale and exhale, slowly and deliberately, paying special attention to your woman’s pace as you caress and kiss. Breathing in tandem helps your excitement levels rise at the same rate too. It makes you feel physically melted.

Shut out sight and sound

One of the best ways to indulge in a supersensory erotic encounter – and savor every delicious second – is to prevent yourself from seeing and hearing distracting sensations. Cutting off sight and sound intensifies sex in two ways. Eliminating all potential disturbances keeps you centered on the moment and each other. Also, deleting one sense allows the others to become more acute, so you can really tune in to the pleasure you’re giving each other. You create an all-encompassing sexual exchange. To get into carnal concentration mode, ditch the mood music and romantic lighting. You need total silence and darkness. This would be a perfect time to bring out those blindfolds. As you caress your woman, really home in on how she feels and tastes. Try not to make a peep… except for the moans and sighs that mindlessly escape your lips. Get a feel for the texture of her skin, listen to her pounding heart as her arousal escalates, and nuzzle her all over so you can inhale her essence. At the same time, allow yourself to become lost in everything she’s doing to you. Just relax and revel in the exquisite pleasure she’s giving you.

Lock eyes

While blocking out distractions lets you focus inward and zoom in on your sensations, gazing at your partner forces you to concentrate on each other. Many women feel isolated during sex because you both tend to become so caught up in your own physical pleasure, you lose sight of the other person. But making eye contact is a way to communicate. It bridges the gap and lets you really be aware of your woman’s presence. This doesn’t mean that you should get into a staring contest with your partner. It’s more like you’re looking inside of her rather than just at her. Study her facial expressions and try to imagine what she’s thinking and feeling, especially when she nears orgasm. There’s something so soul-baring about seeing your partner at that instant, when she’s open and vulnerable. Locking each other’s gaze at this most personal moment is kind of like saying to each other “I trust you”. You need to feel truly bonded with someone to share that kind of acceptance.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Getting it on in the a.m. can be incredibly sensual as well because you’re half conscious, so your guard is down and you’re acting more on instinct. Click here for more tips on how to make sex truly intense.

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