How to be truly unforgettable in bed



How to be truly unforgettable in bed

“People’s attitudes about sex are not healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.” – Asia Argento

I asked a bunch of women what makes a man a sex god in the sack. Read on to hear the randy requirements that sear you into your partner’s mind forever. Like most men, you no doubt strive to leave your mark on the world… as well as on your woman. What I mean is, you’re not content with giving your partner just any old experience in bed. Instead, you want to top her best-ever list and permanently tattoo yourself into her brain as the dude whose sex techniques brought her unparalleled, knee-buckling bliss. To help you earn unforgettable status, I asked women exactly what bedmate traits leave them awestruck.

Unforgettable trait 1

“He knows how to build anticipation”

“Before leaving for work, my guy will come up behind me while I’m brushing my teeth and slid a hand to reach to my panties. Then he kisses me goodbye and flies out the door. For the next hours, all I can think of is how we’re going to continue the action that night.” Few women have the self-control to create this kind of erotic anticipation on their own – when they get excited, they want to get busy right there, right then. That’s why most really dig it when a man teases and tantalizes them. Show her how much more passionate a drawn-out lust session can be and she’ll credit you forever with deepening her sex life. And then there’s the payoff when she finally does boil over: a superintense orgasm. “I dated this guy who tormented me one night with stop-and-start sex – I’d be ready to climax, but he’d grab my butt cheeks and tell me to hold still, keeping me right on the edge. Then we’d resume, and a minute later, he’d hold me still again. It was sweet torture, but in the end I had the most powerful orgasm of my life.”

Unforgettable trait 2

“He makes sex fun”

Sack sessions can be soulful, intense, and deep. But c’mon, not every moment has to be the sexual equivalent of a John Mayer song. In fact, girls wish that more guys would acknowledge the lighter side of nookie. “Sometimes funny things happen – like one of you emits a noise or tumbles off the bed. If I’m with a guy who can’t let these gaffes roll off her back, it’s lame.” Making sex fun isn’t just about acknowledging blunders but creating a sense of silliness. Women love being playful, so getting goofy between the sheets will leave her feeling at ease with you. “Jack would tease me by pinning me down on the bed, pretending to wrestle with me, and I wrestle back with him. It’s immature, but I like kidding around like that. Also, instead of going all serious on me, he does this cool thing after I give him oral where he’ll look into my eyes and break out in a cross-eyed grin, which makes me laugh. Most guys would be too insecure if a woman laughed after such an intimate moment, but it’s just a reflection of how much fun we have pleasing each other.”

Unforgettable traits 3

“He’s really, really enthusiastic”

Quick – when was the last time you jumped your girl? You may be wondering, who the hell keeps count? But she may. Women are thrilled when a man initiates sex out of the blue, taking them by surprise, because it shows how excited you are to be with her, and enthusiasm is a huge ego booster. Plus, it gets boring always doing it planned – all the more reason to throw her onto the bed and have your way with her or whisper one morning before work that you need satisfaction ASAP. You can also convey your exuberance by responding to every touch and kiss you two share. “My boyfriend is generally low key, but in bed, he gets very primal. As things heat up, he throws his head back and digs his nails into my skin. When he unleashes his wild side, I feel like a real woman.” Another option: show off your erotic enthusiasm outside the bedroom. “When we’re out together at a restaurant or with friends, my boyfriend will put his hand in my back pocket and grab my butt, or he’ll have me sit in his lap, shifting me against himself. It’s like he can’t wait to get me alone, which makes me want to be alone with him even more.”

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Also, keep in mind that a man who says what he desires helps a woman become a better lover, which is that she wants.

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