Good Things Come in Tens!



Good Things Come in Tens!

“Good for the body is the work of the body, good for the soul the work of the soul, and good for either the work of the other.”
– Henry David Thoreau

When it comes to tips for improving your sex life, the word “Tantra” gets thrown around a lot among new age spiritualists, modern sex-positive gurus and media moguls alike. If you have taken the chance to read any of the thousands of magazine articles and books published on the subject, you might be a bit confused about how a rational, practical guy like you could benefit from such a spiritual endeavor, so I’m here to clear up your questions. The benefits of Tantra are incredibly personal, but this life-altering practice has some universal benefits for anyone who dares to try something different.


Maybe you’re not interested in expanding your mind, your consciousness or even your belief structure, but if you want to change your relationship, you do need to expand your experience! Tantra gives you a new perspective from which to view your love and sex life, along with a slew of new ideas for ways to experience this new perspective in your actions.


Health and vitality are a huge part of the Tantric experience. Practitioners of this ancient art recognize that your state of physical, mental and emotional health plays an integral role in your ability to share sexual energy with your partner. Regular practice allows you to recognize your own energy levels and makes a point of focusing on exercises which improve the flow of this energy.


With new and exciting ways to focus on your love life and your ability to communicate, Tantra can empower both you and your partner to try new things, giving you a new sense of confidence and love for yourselves! Feeling at home in your own body and mind will allow you to get outside of your past relationship history and truly revel in love and pleasure.


These experiences of pleasure will lead you to entirely new feelings of sexual satisfaction, as well as a more intimate loving relationship. Learning to focus your life experiences on these most satisfying moments will change your entire outlook on life for the better, making you an overall happier person who is more enjoyable to be around and a more interesting lover!


All this focus on happiness and health can not only alleviate the stress and depression associated with a struggling relationship, but can cure symptoms of chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, digestive problems and many other medical conditions associated with living in a high stress environment.


Making these changes in your life will not only elevate your mood but might just make you feel a closer connection to others in your community besides your lover!


One of the major aspects of Tantric lovemaking is to slow things down, well known for the ability to prolong your lovemaking and your experiences of pleasure to something that might seem epic to you now. Increasing the amount of intimate time you spend with your wife is the best way possible to prolong your relationship.


One of the things that often keep us from fully engaging in our relationships is our own wounds from past loves, family issues and social conditioning. Tantric practitioners are encouraged to explore these old hurts and share them with their loved ones, so that together you may heal them. It is also important to explore our own ideas and possible misconceptions about sex and love, which give us an opportunity to heal ourselves, our loved ones and others in the world simply through changing our own minds.


This kind of healing work can only bring you closer together with your friends and lovers, deepening your connection to each other in a way that makes your love the kind about which fairytales are written – the good kind! If you have ever wondered about you and your wife, “Why are we both still here?” then Tantra is the key to discovering the answer.


All of these incredible things about Tantra will change your life in countless unique ways that you won’t know until you try! What have you got to lose, besides fear, anger, depression, sickness, dissatisfaction and shame? Tantra gives you an entire toolbox with which to change your attitude, your relationship, your life and ultimately the world! Take a chance and try something new…

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