3 Things About Tantric Sex and Pleasure



3 Things About Tantric Sex and Pleasure

You may have noticed that Tantric sex is getting a lot of attention these days. It seems everywhere you look there is a book or television show about it. Yet, despite its popularity many people do not know what Tantric sex is or understand all that is encompasses.

Tantric Sex is not Like Regular Sex

Tantric sex is different than most other types of sex because it is focused on more than just orgasm or pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of pleasure to go around when practicing Tantric sex and people who practice it report having the most intense orgasms of their lives. However, Tantric sex is more of a philosophy and way of life that takes you on a path of enlightenment and on this path of enlightenment people can experience a new level of sexual pleasure.

What is This Enlightenment and Energy?

The practice of Tantric sex is believed to be over 5,000 years old. It comes from Eastern philosophy and is a spiritual practice that people apply to all areas of their lives. The purpose of the spiritual practice of Tantric sex is to achieve enlightenment and in Tantra the highest point of enlightenment comes from a sexual union. The peak of spiritual awareness comes from sex and orgasm. The male energy is called Shiva and the female energy Shakti and sex is a merging of these two energies.

Guys, if you are thinking about trying Tantric sex to take your lovemaking to a new level then here are a few tips to get you started:

A Happy Space is a Sexy Space

Tantric sex starts with establishing a sacred space for your lovemaking. You do not have to spend a lot of money redecorating. It is what is in you and your partner’s mind, sight, hearing, touch and smell. Use all your senses. Try a taking a bath together with lavender. Lavender relaxes the body and mind. Light some scented candles and put some really nice sheets on your bed. You want to create a calm and romantic environment. Clear away all the clutter in the room and find some slow music that will help you both relax.

You also want to create a private environment without interruption or distraction. Shut off your landline, cell phones and televisions. It is impossible to concentrate on each other with all that technology beeping and ringing all the time. Your sacred space is just that, sacred.

It’s All About the Breathing

One of the most important aspects of Tantric sex is the breathing. Remember you are trying to merge your energy and become one. Becoming aware of your breathing is crucial in Tantra. You want harmony so you can be in sync with your partner. Sometimes it takes relearning how to breathe. Take deep breaths and cleanse your body. Have you ever watched a baby breathe? They don’t hold their breath and it is completely involuntary. It is only as we grow and learn behaviors that our breathing changes and we learn to hold our breath in. To practice Tantric sex this has to be unlearned.

One easy thing you can do to work on your breathing with your partner is to try to yab-yom position. Have her straddle your lap so you are facing each other. While she inhales, you exhale and vice versa. As she exhales, take in her breath through your whole body and as you exhale try to give your energy with your breath to her. Strive for a natural rhythm.

Look Her In The Eye

Another fundamental skill you must master to start practicing Tantric sex is eye contact. When was the last time you kept your eyes open during sex? Couples usually close their eyes during lovemaking thinking it helps them connect but actually it helps them disconnect. It can be difficult to do at first so start with loving glances and increase the time you spend making eye contact.

Next time you are touching your partner’s genitals, instead of closing your eyes or looking at her genitals, look into her eyes. Next time you are touching her anywhere, look into her eyes. Look into her eyes and touch her. It may be uncomfortable for her to keep her eyes open at first too but give her loving encouragement. The more you can keep eye contact the deeper you will connect. It may not be something you can conceptualize right now, but when it happens you will feel it, and that deeper connection is the start of Tantric sex and greater sexual pleasure.

Stay tuned for more tips to help you on your journey to sexual enlightenment.

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