The Multi-Orgasmic Man: All About Injaculation



The Multi-Orgasmic Man: All About Injaculation

Has your partner ever caught you off guard with a bit of extra stimulation during oral sex? There is a sensitive spot you may have discovered with an odd strong stroke, right between the base of your shaft and your testicles; a spot that calls out for attention!

Your anatomy is complex and intricate. Try sometime just placing a finger there and pressing as you near the “point of no return” and feel the flutter inside. This is your prostate gland. Usually associated with the “back door,” this inevitable power house has everything to do with your ejaculation… and injaculation.

A new word, but not a new concept, injaculation is in many ways the compliment to its better known half. For many women, injaculation comes naturally and it is ejaculation that is sought out as the mysterious other. For men, the terminal one-and-done ejaculation is the norm but so too have men for centuries sought out the mystery of multiple orgasm without ejaculation, in cultures across time and across the globe.

This is the doorway to longer-lasting lovemaking – the male multiple orgasm.  And the key to that doorway lies in the prostate. The sensitive patch of skin in the triangle between your penis and testes, is known as the perineum and inside is the inner workings of your “delivery system” – the front gate. If you want to keep what’s inside the house from getting out the front gate, you need to shut the door first!

Close the Door

A well-placed finger over the perineum will reveal the state of your prostate. Not just pleasurable, you can actual learn to measure your level of arousal by noting the relative size and movement of this important gland. As you become more and more stimulate, the prostate gland will slowly swell with fluid. When it reaches maximum capacity, it begins to contract, pulling up sperm with each contraction and putting off lots of pleasurable… well, everything!

The number of contractions you experience during orgasm is telling about the size and capacity of your prostate. While for some men as few as one to four contractions are their “normal,” a healthy and sexually active man can experience twenty or more. Ten would be considered a healthy goal for a beginning injaculator.

In order to increase the capacity and elasticity of the prostate, you can apply pressure to it via the perineum, this preventing it from emptying and delaying orgasm. You may only be able to delay it a few seconds when you first begin, and 30 seconds is an amazing improvement after one or two weeks of daily practice. These may seem like small gains, but over time you will not only improve your lasting qualities, but the capacity of your body for pleasure.

You Injaculate, She Ejaculates

Those experienced with delayed ejaculation have found that by cycling between giving and receiving pleasure, a man can bring himself to the physical experience of orgasm while still preventing ejaculation, and then easily reabsorb and recreate his bodily fluids while giving pleasure to his partner, this beginning the cycle of pleasure over again. A man with this capacity could make love for hours and not feel spent… until he chooses to, anyway!

It is the perfect time to explore female ejaculation with your lover, allowing her to build up and release her pressure build up as you are storing your own. If you work on this together starting now, she also has enough time to experience g-spot orgasms and find the key to squirting. It can be a learning experience for both of you.

The final ejaculatory orgasm at the end of this experience is likely to be one of the most powerful and satisfying you have ever felt. It is a goal worth working towards! Be good to your body and take care of it, for your sake and for hers. You both deserve the absolute pleasure of healthy, sexy bodies.

Don’t hesitate to begin practicing alone, or at least with your own hands. Your lover should be encouraged to practice finding her G-spot as well, so you can practice both alone and together, watching each other explore to better lead you there yourself when it’s your turn. If you can learn to make her squirt, she can also learn to stop you from squirting… at least for a while!

Wet kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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