How To Get And Stay Hard Longer (5 Tips For Vein-Bulging Hardness)



How To Get And Stay Hard Longer (5 Tips For Vein-Bulging Hardness)

Who else wants to know how to stay hard longer and have better, firmer erections during sex? If you’re anything like most men reading this, you probably have issues getting and maintaining an erection during intercourse. You are NOT alone.

Erection problems, or erectile dysfunction is far more common than most men believe. It is an embarrassing problem in the bedroom. But before you even consider the endless myriad of products, pumps or treatments that claim to boost your erection, realize that many of these solutions do NOT yield permanent results, and can be risky to boot!

Instead, follow these five simple, natural tips, and you will more than likely give your erection a mighty transformation!

#1 – “You are what you eat”

This well-known adage holds true in your sex life too. If you are looking to get a strong, healthy erection, good nutrition is necessary. Carbohydrates are essential for sexual energy, so you will do well to stock up PLENTY of those in your body! Bread, pasta, and rice are excellent sources of carbs.

You also need a good dose of zinc, which is crucial for producing testosterone and semen. Foods such as liver, seafood, beans, and peas contain the required amount of zinc that your body needs. You can check some more healthy diet program here. 

It also pays to stay away from high-fat meals. Excess fat intake lowers testosterone levels, reduces libido and affects erection ability. Also, an unhealthy diet causes poor circulation of blood to the extremities, leading to erection problems.

#2 – Position Mastery

Believe it or not, the position you use during sex can also affect the strength and size of your erection. Positions that allow you to be on top – such as missionary and doggie style – enable greater and more efficient flow of blood to your genitals, giving you bigger, stronger and firmer erections.

So try to avoid starting sex with her on top. The effects of gravity will drain the blood from your penis faster than you could say “ahh”. Having your female partner on top also gives her control of the penetration movements. This loss of control on your part can result in an inability to hold your erection for long.

#3 – Ditch that condom

Well, here’s a caveat – do this only if you have a regular partner. Condoms are a great way to reduce penile sensitivity, and thus a good aid for men suffering from premature ejaculation, but not erection problems. Sex without a condom feels more pleasurable, keeps you aroused longer, thus helping your erection stay longer as well.

#4 – Try the “Ring of Love”

Some guys swear by this. Constriction devices such as the penis ring can be a very dependable way to make your erections firmer. The penis ring is a small rubber or plastic ring that fits snugly at the base of your male anatomy. It helps to trap blood in your genitals (much like the effects of tying a balloon) and keep your erection UP.

#5 – Get in shape (This will make a HUGE difference for your erections and stamina!)

More specifically, perform exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles. When your abs are in good shape, those muscles will help support and hold your erection, instead of holding your belly. In addition, having a large gut also makes your penis small by comparison! Being in good physical shape makes you more confident about your body and gives you more confidence in bed.

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