Sex positions that will help you stay hard



Sex positions that will help you stay hard

“This never happens to me.” How many times how you uttered that in shameful embarrassment? Every man has had to fight with a boner that was just not cooperating at least once in his life (if not more!). And that’s completely fine! Whether it’s a random off night or simply too much alcohol at stake, failing to get hard or maintain a strong erection doesn’t have to turn into a night of weird awkwardness. So please stop freaking out, don’t blame yourself or worse, your partner (it’s sooo not her), and just figure out what are the right positions that will help you get hard and stay that way.

(A word of caution: these sex positions are not a substitute for medical advice, that’s for certain. If erection issues are a recurring thing for you, you should go to the doctor to rule out any physical causes.)

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The silky slide

Be ready for whatever your junk decides to do by having your lady sit on your lap and lean back, so her head is hanging down toward the ground. You should rub her clitoris with your fingers and tease her with your penis — this will make you hard. After your little friend starts to get into it, you can pull her up on your lap for seated cowgirl-style sex.

The wake up commando

Take advantage of that blessed morning wood and your higher levels of testosterone with some much needed and oh so pleasurable morning sex. Stick to the basics—the more you switch positions and try different and complicated acrobatics, the higher your chances of failure getting it back in. A side position is great— it shields morning breath, plus you can hold onto your member for a tighter feel, giving yourself extra strokes as needed. Your partner should curl forward so she can reach down and gently cup your balls for extra oomph.

The couch fun

If nerves or anxiety are factors in your boner troubles, just take vaginal intercourse off the menu all night. Have your woman tease the hell out of you as she pleases — a long shower with sexy soapy hands, back rub, whatever. The end game is her leading you  to the couch so you’re facing each other naked for a mutual wank. It’s hot to watch each other and super low pressure —100% of dudes consider themselves expert masturbators. (Practice makes perfect and all that.)

The dandy dog

If a hard on is coming and going, try doggie style with your partner’s legs spread extra wide. If you lose your erection, there are options. You can pull out to stroke yourself or you can continue thrusting with you finger on the underside of your penis acting as kind of a splint. If it’s still just not happening, hold your well-lubed penis against your partner and keep thrusting — a soft peen trailing across her clitoris can feel amaaaaazing.

Squat and squeeze it

There’s always the option of breaking out some accessories. First, you slip a cock ring around the base of your penis (even better: a vibrating one for your partner.) The ring should keep you engorged long enough for a decent toss, but you shouldn’t keep it on for over 30 minutes. Have your partner get on top, leaning down on her elbows so she can press heself against the vibrations.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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