How To Delay Your Orgasm



How To Delay Your Orgasm

“Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.” – Woody Allen

Mocking a man’s speediness is common amongst groups of girls – I’ll be the first to admit that when a guy blows his load before I’ve even said “Oooh,” I’m telling my girlfriends about it. And we all laugh.

The fact that a lot of men can’t always last that long in the bedroom is both funny and serious – it may be reassuring to know that it’s so commonplace we ladies expect – it’s not surprising when we encounter “early bloomers.” However, for a lot of married couples, a quick finale can be extremely disappointing and can really put a damper on a couple’s sex life.

If you want some tips on lasting longer and some advice on how to delay your orgasm, you’ve come to the right place. Now just take a deep breath, relax, and remember what is written below…

Slow down
Everyone wants to skip the meal and go straight to the dessert – besides, it’s the best part! I understand why you want to rush to the sex part and get your gears grinding, but there’s something to be said about a slower pace. Moving a bit slower can help you to hold off your release in different ways – this is especially true when it comes to foreplay and trying different sensation-stimulating movements. During intercourse, stop ramming yourself in and out of her like a jack-hammer and try a calmer, slower rhythm. If you feel yourself reaching your breaking point, pause for a moment or change positions. If you keep doing the same thing your body isn’t going to react in any way other than ejaculating. Switch things up. Don’t stick to one configuration or speed level.

Listen to your body
Most guys are so wrapped up in the pure ecstasy of sex that they go blank and suddenly, it’s over and they “come to.” This is a big no-no. How are you going to know your body if you’re not paying attention to your physical impulses? By heeding the above tip and slowing things down, you can concentrate on your biological reactions to various stimuli and, therefore, have more control over your body, thus delaying the big E.

One of the most memorable guys I was ever with was completely in-tune with his inner mechanics – we would reach a pinnacle and he would suddenly flip me over and, before re-entering me, he would kiss or lick my neck, shoulders and down my spine, and then we would resume. He could go as long as I wanted. It was an amazing experience.

Maybe your weekly sex romps are simply not often enough, meaning you’re like an anxious puppy – when you finally get some action you’re so overly excited you have no self-control. And what this tells me is: you need something to allow you to have a release between sex sessions, and that’s called masturbation. Men who masturbate on a regular basis are able to make love for a longer period of time. They’re also more familiar with their bodies and reactions, and can therefore “fend off” urges more easily.

Like I always say, lasting longer means better sex, and if you can learn how to delay your orgasm, both of you will enjoy it even more.

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Wet kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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