How to boost your sexual performance by lasting much longer

How to boost your sexual performance by lasting much longer

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?”- William Shakespeare

Ask any man on this planet about the one improvement he’ll like to achieve sexually speaking and he’ll say the same thing: he wants to last longer in bed. He wants to last all night, to do it three or more times without problems, to be… available all the time.

Ask any man on this planet if he thinks the previous scenario is possible and he’ll answer with a doubting, puzzled look on his face. He’d love it to be possible, but he thinks that in the majority of cases it’s just a really beautiful ideal.

I’m here to contradict this belief. You can, in fact, improve your sexual performance and last a lot longer in the sack, with the proper technique. Moreover, it’s actually not that difficult. All you need is your penis, a woman and the will to learn. Here’s what to do.

  1. Size doesn’t matter. The area around the penis, all down to the thighs, is filled with spongy tissue and nerve endings that are just waiting to be aroused as well. This means you can get your genitals stimulated without even touching them, which, in return, will lead to a stronger, more intimate feel of arousal. Have your girlfriend play with the bits of skin surrounding your penis (the bum, the inside of your thighs, the abs). Your arousal will happen gradually and you’ll be able to last longer.
  2. Kino hot spots. Sexual arousal is heightened by a pattern of tension and release. “Kino” (which comes from the word “kinesthetic”) is the sexual/non-sexual touch which creates just that. If you alternate between being touched right where all the action happens and to the more non-erotic spots, like the scalp, hair and between the toes, you’ll fool your body and mind about the proximity of sexual release and you’ll be able to contain ejaculation much longer.
  3. Multiple sex positions = delayed orgasm. If you’re engaged in a quickie and you want to finish soon, then constant rhythmical stimulation is key. If, on the other hand, you want it to last much longer, swap positions every time you feel like the big O is approaching. Use acrobatics and stay focused on getting as much pleasure you can from each position, but without compromising your goal to finish as late as you can.
  4. Stop moving before you come. You might not be able to contain yourself if the rhythm goes. To avoid this, stop when you are on the brink. At the critical point, when you are over enthusiastic, stopping and holding you partner for a few seconds is the best way to avoid ejaculating. You’ll stay clear of… danger, but engaging in a hug or kiss will still keep you focused on getting busy.
  5. Yoga, baby! According to yogic teachings, by focusing on the crucial point of your ajna chakra, a spot two and a half centimeters above the middle of your eyes and five centimeters behind (so it’s actually inside your head!), you can effectively prevent orgasm. It’s not necessary to use distracting words like yoga and chakra, you could just call it your pleasure centre. Therefore, the next time you’re in bed with your girlfriend or wife and you feel like you can’t contain yourself any longer, have her massage the spot with the pads of her index fingers. This will heighten sexual pleasure for both of you and you’ll also be able to delay your ejaculation.


Have a powerful week-end,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Touching your earlobes can increase the chance of a sudden orgasm, so try to steer her clear from that zone if you want to impress her with the duration of your lovemaking. Learn more about how to become the master of your manhood by learning the techniques from my program Last Longer Tonight.

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