Why she’s unable to squirt and how to fix it

Why she’s unable to squirt and how to fix it

If you’re unable to give your lady a powerful, life-changing squirting orgasm chances are she’s obsessing over it. Because women talk a lot about sex when they meet for a brunch – and yes, one of their favorite subjects is the wet squirting orgasm.

While some women believe their body is simply unable to produce such an intense physical release, more and more research shows that, in fact, ALL women are able to enjoy the squirting orgasm. So your partner might actually be very intrigued by this.

I know what psychological effects the inability to squirt has over women – because I was there too. At first, you lose yourself in hopes that one day it will happen, but this will only give you bad anxiety every time you have sex. Then you start thinking that maybe there’s something wrong with your body. Why are your friends experiencing this elusive type of orgasm so easily while you can barely have an ordinary orgasm?

After a long period of frustration, you start blaming your lover. He becomes “your problem”. Why isn’t he able to make you squirt like other women’s men? You start thinking about it over and over again and even as a LOYAL woman, you begin fantasizing about other men that may hold the ultimate secret to the ultimate orgasm…

Baby, I don’t want you to be part of this sad story. YOU can make a woman squirt and my program on the matter, Squirting Orgasm Shortcuts, is my proof. Many men used to become masters in giving their women a squirting orgasm FAST.

Now, don’t get me wrong: squirting is not easy because it requires a combination of not only physical but also psychological factors. You have to make your partner forget herself and surrender herself to you in order to experience the great release.

Here are the main reasons your girl can’t squirt and what you can do about it:

She puts too much pressure on herself

As long as she feels the pressure to reach orgasm – especially a squirting orgasm – she won’t be able to relax. Her whole body should be completely relaxed and focused on the pleasure.

If you’ve been talking of approaching squirting, it’s kind of like you’ve planned it and now it has to happen no matter what. It becomes a task, which is exactly what it shouldn’t be.

If you want to help your woman squirt, don’t talk about it at all. Don’t say, “Hey, let’s try to make you squirt tonight”. It’s a bad idea. Just help her relax and feel sexy while stimulating her vulva and clitoris in a way that leads to squirting orgasms – without telling her what you’re doing. She will be taken by surprise and the act will become even more orgasmic!

She stops the waves of pleasure

Some women feel overwhelmed by the pleasure they feel during sex. And instead of allowing it to happen, they contract the vaginal muscles and stop those orgasmic waves that lead to the squirting release.

You shouldn’t blame her – it’s something beyond her control and if she does it every time, it means she won’t even get to have a normal orgasm. Which is very frustrating. How can you help?

Believe it or not, more sex isn’t the solution. This will only be fixed through mindfulness techniques. Try yoga and meditation sessions for couples – this will help her not only to connect with her body and accept the sensations it gives, but also to connect with the power of another body: yours.

She fears the unknown

So she’s heard about the miraculous squirting orgasm from her friends and she’s intrigued. She wants to feel that kind of addictive ecstasy too. But if she’s never experienced THAT kind of orgasm before, she really doesn’t know what to expect. Will she lose control of her own body? Most people are terrified of losing control.

Help her get familiar with the concept by watching squirting orgasm videos together. Then say, “You would look so sexy doing this”. Seeing other women doing it and then connect even more with their partner will help her see it as something normal and beautiful.

She’s ashamed of “the big release”

Maybe she’s heard by now that squirting isn’t pee, but there’s still some stigma around this particular kind of orgasm. She feels embarrassed and thinks you might judge her if she squirts. This is a mental blockage that prevents the release from happening.

The previous advice I gave works in this case too. Watching squirting orgasm videos with you will help her see the act as normal and exciting for you too, especially if you’re relaxed and cool when talking about it. Also, don’t forget how important it is to make her feel good in her own body – always compliment her and take time to warm her up before sex.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, squirting orgasms are the ultimate orgasms! I want you to be able to enjoy them with your lover, so check-out my program on the matter – Squirting Orgasms Shortcuts!

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