5 common mistakes you’re making while trying to make her squirt

5 common mistakes you’re making while trying to make her squirt

All women deserve to experience intense squirting orgasms because these types of orgasms are not only extremely pleasurable but also the most efficient way of releasing tension. And yes, I am referring to sexual tension, but also everyday stress that can make us go crazy sometimes.

Men ejaculate every time they have an orgasm – and if you ask me, this is one of the reasons why their mind is always clearer, why they sometimes concentrate better and are able to manage crisis situations without panicking. It might sound a bit like a fantasy story, but ejaculation is about release: about getting something out of your body and then forget it. It’s like beginning again in some way.

That’s why female ejaculation feels like a revelation, especially if your woman experiences it for the first time. And she will want to have that again. And again.

You will love the other aspect of it: once she realizes that YOU can do that for her, she’ll develop a bit of a sexy obsession for you. Because the truth is, most men don’t know how to stimulate a woman in order to make her squirt. So suddenly, you become the gateway to her dripping wet fantasy.

But if you’ve never made her squirt before, you shouldn’t avoid it just because you’re scared to fail – as I’ve always said, communication and intimacy are key to make anything possible. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and start all over again, until you succeed and become the master of her squirting abilities.

Speaking of mistakes, I am going to show you the most common ones you tend to make while trying to make her ejaculate, so you can improve your technique.

You don’t help her relax enough

Relaxation is very important when preparing her body for squirting sessions. So make sure you do everything you can to make her feel comfortable – even taking care of the lights, heating, smells, clean sheets, clean towels, even clean you. Make sure you smell good, even wear her favorite perfume. She needs familiarity and comfort in order to let it flow…

Your technique is flawed

Remember that squirting does not happen out of the blue – it usually needs more than simple penetration. So you need to follow the two-step approach I always mention. Make sure you stroke the G-spot – but do it gently – for a good 5-10 minutes before you move to the second technique, which is deep penetration and clitoral stimulation. If you go straight for deep penetration too soon, then you might even hurt her and everything will be ruined.

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You don’t take lube into consideration

Not all women are naturally very wet down there, so lubricant is important and I always recommend it during intercourse – if it increases her pleasure, then why not? Lube is even more important when it comes to squirting, as it involves deep penetration and A LOT of friction – do not even attempt to do it without external help. Lubricant causes the vagina to swell during arousal, due to the heat and lubed friction. So it basically makes your job easier, bringing her closer to orgasm with every move.

You’re rushing the process

I’ve said it before: patience is the #1 quality that will make you the master of female ejaculation. She needs at least 20 minutes of foreplay and gentle stimulation before her body can begin to build that kind of an intense release. So if you want to get there, stop thinking about the end result and focus more on making her feel awesome. Foreplay doesn’t have to be boring – if done right, it will intensify your own sensations. Just experiment more with your partner.

You forget about the clitoris

The clitoris is a key-element in female ejaculation. Sure, squirting can happen even without the help of clitoris, but this area is packed with nerve endings that will intensify every sensation. And if you can make her reach the “big O” faster, why not taking care of the clit while you’re at it?

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.:  Darling, please keep in mind that pressure is your worst enemy. Make comfort a priority for both of you, and you’ll soon experience the revelation of squirting orgasms… maybe even multiple ones!

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