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Get her wet! 5 facts about squirting you NEED to know

Get her wet! 5 facts about squirting you NEED to know

It’s no mystery anymore that the vagina is one impressive part of the female anatomy. Just the fact that it can delivery a baby, then collapse back into its previous shape like nothing happened, is pretty out of this world.

Something else that the vagina can do really well? Squirt! But the problem with squirting is that there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding it. Thanks to the porn industry which — shocker! — is made for entertainment purposes and not sexual education, squirting is depicted as this almost surreal thing a woman experiences when her partner gives her this incredibly intense orgasm. Then the squirting per se is this long and intense stream of liquid, soaking everything in sight. This, of course, is not necessarily the case in the real world.

And because of this some women feel they are inadequate when they can’t squirt, or they can’t do it as spectacularly as their boyfriends imagine they should. A good squirting session is never about the quantity of liquid dispelled. A good squirting session is about pleasure. As long as you are giving your woman an amazing orgasm, who cares about how much liquid comes out of her as a result of your expert maneuvering?

Because squirting is still misunderstood by many people, here are five things about it to help you understand what it is and how you can make sure your partner is experiencing it on a regular basis.

1. Squirting and female ejaculation are not the same thing

There is a difference between squirting, or gushing, as it’s sometime called. Female ejaculate is a creamy discharge produced during arousal and can be emitted when a woman squirts, which is why the two often get confused. Female ejaculate is scientifically known as PSA (prostatic?specific antigen), which is produced by the Skene glands. The Skene glands are the female version of the prostate and is basically what is most commonly known as the G-spot.

2. No, it’s not pee

If you watch squirting in porn, the rate at which the fluid comes out looks like a very powerful stream of urine. But that’s not the case. The general consensus is that squirting isn’t concentrated urine at all, but rather a mixture of various elements, one of which is urea. Which is most probably where the idea the liquid produced when a woman squirts is urine. In other words, no, your partner didn’t just urinate all over you if she squirted.

3. But there is an element of urine in it

Because the fluid is coming from the bladder, it’s only natural that there would be an element of urine in it. In fact, there a variety of elements that makeup the fluid. When a woman squirts, it’s a combination of several chemical elements, including urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostatic?specific antigen. So it’s a very watered down version of urine. But again, still not quite pee.

4. Your partner may have already squirted and not even realized it

Contrary to what you see in porn, most women do not imitate a broken fire hydrant when they squirt. The amount a woman squirts is dependent on so many factors; chiefly her body, how aroused she is, and the type of stimulation she’s received. Some women produce little more than an eggcup full that could even be mistaken as regular, natural lubrication. So, yes, your partner may have squirted multiple times in her life already and not even known it.

5. Technically, anyone can learn to squirt

With the right amount of deep stimulation of the G-spot, squirting can happen for the majority of women. But it does take time and practice, as well as pressure against that one spot. I’d use a specialized toy for this job, as they’re specifically designed to target a woman’s G-spot, meaning a lot of the guesswork is done for you. However, there are some women that can squirt without G-spot stimulation, so the wheres, whys, and hows are still up for debate.

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