How to Give Her a Triple-Climax

How to Give Her a Triple-Climax

What is a Triple-Climax?

Well, lover, I’m glad you asked!

Have you ever heard of dual-orgasms, or combination orgasms?  These are orgasms that women can achieve by stimulating 2 erogenous zones at the same time, like the clitoris and G-spot.  These types of orgasms tend to be much more powerful, experienced full-bodied and can last longer, even turning into multiple or continuous orgasms.

A Triple-Climax is an orgasm that she can achieve while she is being stimulated in 3 erogenous zones: the clitoris, the G-spot, and the anus.

Yes, the anus has lots of nerve endings that when stimulated the right way can lead her to orgasm.  And, while anal sex is still somewhat taboo, many men and women are still very curious about it.

Using my Triple-Climax technique below is a great way to introduce her to anal pleasure if she has been unsure of it before, and to ease her into the sensation of being stimulated “down there”.

Obviously, get her permission first when you try this technique out on her, but let her know the anal stimulation doesn’t need to involve penetration unless she wants it to.

Okay, shall we begin?

Warm Her Up

Always begin by warming your lover up with lots of foreplay.  I stress this in all my articles and programs because most women take a while to get aroused and she will not feel pleasure until she is relaxed and aroused.  Read some of my foreplay articles for ideas, or just do what she likes best.

Clitoral Love

The clitoris is always a good place to go to after foreplay, as it is her biggest erogenous zone (after her brain that is), and the spot that will get her the hottest quickly.

You can start with teasing her with your tongue and lips, giving her hot oral sex.  Many women love the feeling of a warm, wet tongue circling her clitoris or flicking it from side to side, driving her wild.  Use lots of saliva or water-based lubricant, the slipperier the better.

G-spot Lust

Once she is clearly aroused, but not ready for orgasm yet, insert your well-lubed finger into her vagina and begin to stimulate her G-spot while continuing to give her oral love.  By now it should be puffing out a bit and making itself known.  You will feel it at the top side of her vagina, a wrinkled prune-like balloon of puffy flesh that is filling with ejaculation.

Rub her G-spot with firm strokes up and down the length of it, and/or circular motions.  She may even like it if you press firmly into the G-spot as if you were trying to milk the liquid from it.

By now she should be getting close to orgasm, so back off a bit so you don’t put her over the edge.  You want to keep her at about a level 8 on an arousal scale between 1-10.

Anal Desire

While she is losing herself to the amazing sensations you are giving her, use your other hand to position your thumb or finger over her anal opening (rosebud of desire).  Make sure the finger is super lubed up and just apply gentle pressure as you rub it in small circles.  You may also want to wear a glove to protect her from scratching or bacteria.

There is no need to penetrate her anus at this point.  The idea is just to warm that erogenous area up to receiving pleasure.

As she relaxes there and becomes more turned on and orgasmic, he anus may open to allow you to enter.  Do NOT force entry, just allow her anus to suck your finger in however much that is.  It may be just the tip of your finger to begin with, or a bit more.  Allow her body to open to you and show you how much she wants.

At this point you can try moving your fingertip inside of her, just rubbing the inner wall of her anus, or slowly, gently pushing in and out with small movements.  Don’t remove your fingertip from her anus fully (unless she wants you too), just move it slightly back and forth, and if she accepts more great.  If not, just the finger tip will do.

Triple-Climax Explosion

She should be on the brink of orgasm now and you can allow her to go over the edge into oblivion.  Believe me, she will feel like her mind is blow, as her triple-climax erupts through her clitoris, exploding into her G-spot and rippling and contracting into her anus like multiple fireworks of extreme pleasure.  He whole body will be aflame as she writhes with orgasmic ecstasy.  She may even experience female ejaculation and just let go altogether, as she opens into the most orgasmic bliss she has ever felt in her life!

So, that’s the how-to lover boy.  Are you ready to rock her world tonight?

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