The secret to sexual anticipation



The secret to sexual anticipation

”People don’t want to see me having sex… I’m the queen of the “kiss, foreplay, dissolve”. And then the “Whoo! Good morning, tiger.”– Julia Roberts

How many times have you charged in for the main course without whetting your appetite? Don’t assume foreplay is merely a polite starter before tucking into your meat and two veg. If you know how to tantalize each other’s taste buds, you’ll savor the sex even more.

Don’t think that you are doing this as a favor to her. Despite what you might have heard, foreplay is enjoyable for you too, just as much as it is for her. There’s something oh-so-sexy about anticipation, so instead of stampeding in for the grand finale, check out my guide for erotic foreplay. Tease your woman right and you’ll have her begging for more.

Here are five top moves to unleash on her. Remember, no penetration allowed… yet.

Foreplay move #1

Learn to give good phone sex

With a single call, you can get her so aroused at her desk she’ll be cutting short her afternoon faster than you can say “dentist’s appointment”. Before you call, pick your tone: flirty, seductive, romantic, macho, dominator. And do the same for the language: street, subtle, crass. When she answers, stay silent for a few seconds. Then, in your sexiest voice, describe how you’d like her to kiss you, touch and undress you. Then take her through the finer details of how you’re going to give her the most amazing oral sex ever. Non-verbal communication is a good element too. You can groan and moan, but you can also breath, stay silent and then tell her what you just did to yourself. By the time you hang up you’ll have her so hot, her main problem will be hiding the fast breathing from colleagues as she sneaks away from her desk with a head full of wicked thoughts.

Foreplay move #2

Kiss for, like, ages…

Remember when you were a teen and you kissed until your partner in crime got stubble rash? Don’t underestimate the power of the smooch now that you’re all grown up. Get cozy on the couch and kiss without it leading to anything else (and yes, that means no hand up her top). Try kissing around the edges of the lips, then run the tip of your tongue oven them. The longer you can delay before inserting your tongue, the more sensual it will be. Lift her face and teasingly kiss her around the chin and jaw, moving down to the sensitive areas of the neck and throat. If you really can’t resist taking your tongues further afield, extend your passion to a tongue bath: where you cover every inch of your lover’s body with kisses. Blindfold her it she fancies it, then make her lie still while you go to work caressing and nibbling.

Foreplay move #3

Flirt with food

Bearing in mind that women have healthy appetites as well, though they try to hide it for fear of losing their figure, what more deliciously inappropriate a place to unleash your inner passion that a restaurant? While you’re reading the menu, play footsie with her under the table. She’ll be pleasantly surprised and curious about what’s next. Take her hand in yours and kiss and lick it, slowly, sensually, feed her bits of your dessert and, when the meal is over, ask for a bottle of wine to go and another piece of that cake she liked so much. Being tactile and suggestive without being able to have full body contact fires up the sexual energy between you two. Just one tip: keep it subtle.

Foreplay move #4

Have a clothes encounter

Another nostalgic trip to teenage times, the “dry hump” was when you rubbed up against each other so hard you could have started a camp fire. In this case, when nakedness is the norm, doing it clothed can deliver a certain illicit thrill. Simulate all the moves you would perform if you were nude, but stop yourself from shedding a single sock. The dry hump also recreates that feeling when you thought you’d go crazy if you didn’t get inside her right now. The advantage is that, this time, her parents are unlikely to walk in on you.

Foreplay move #5

The great strip-off

All right, for this one you do get to take your clothes off. You, not her. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, I’m asking you to do a little striptease for a change. The crucial maxim when stripping for someone is to forget about being self conscious. Trust me, she isn’t going to think you’re an idiot when she’s getting her own private sexy show. Remember, you’re the prize, so peel off each layer s-l-o-w-l-y. Set the scene by playing sensual music, then strut your stuff. I know you’ve got it! She’ll sense you’re making quite the big effort and that you want things to be hot between the two of you, but, most importantly, you’re ready to put up with your end of the bargain. Next, hotter than hot sex!

Have a sexy and sweet week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sometimes, the best foreplay in the eyes of a woman is a nice compliment, at the end of a hard day. Tell her how amazing you think she is and she’ll make sure you’re rewarded for it! To discover more advanced tips and techniques about foreplay CLICK HERE NOW!

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