The Future of Foreplay: Technology to Turn Her On



The Future of Foreplay: Technology to Turn Her On

Foreplay can be difficult for any couple, especially when you and your lover spend most of the day apart… but in this digital age there are so many options for staying connected, there is no excuse not to get her fires burning before you get home for the night.

Foreplay is all about setting the stage, building anticipation and preparing the body for an ecstatic experience. You have several options for staying in touch without even being in the same city, let alone the same room. Take some time on your lunch break to turn her on with these simple stay-connected techniques!

Old Fashioned Phone Call

Even if you can’t spend your hours at work tied to the computer sending naughty notes and explicit emails to your lover, there has to be a moment or two when you can step aside and give her a ring on the phone. You don’t even have to talk dirty! Come up with a few code words for telling her that you’re thinking about her and feeling excited about getting home to her. Sometimes knowing that you are thinking about getting sexy together later is all she needs to start thinking sexy thoughts herself. Tell her that she’s beautiful and you can’t wait to see her again. Tell her how much you love her… and mean it!


If you have access to unmonitored email at work or from your phone, sending a little love letter on your lunch break might be just the way to get her in the mood for an evening affair. Do you want your message to be romantic, sexy, or somewhere in between? What exactly do you want to convey? How would you like her to feel – loved, desired, intrigued? You can tell her all the things you love about her or are grateful for in her. You can make a list of all the very sexy things you are looking forward to doing with her. You can give her instructions for how she can get ready for a special evening with you before you arrive home. You can even use email to start some conversations about sex and kink that you might not have the confidence to begin in person. In fact, email is a great way to fill out a Fetish Checklist together! Why not get started today?

Texting / Live Chat

Texting or online continuous chat programs can be great when the conversation is getting hot and steamy. Getting each other worked up with some sexy banter back and forth builds anticipation and can also give you the chance to try out some new dirty talk that might make you too nervous to try in person. It is a great place to play out fantasies that you wouldn’t be able to try in real life, either due to physical limitations (not everyone is actually capable of slamming a woman against a wall and taking her then and there!) or just the fact that intricate sex marathons take a lot more work to execute than it may seem from dirty movies!


Speaking of dirty movies… webcam is an excellent tool for sharing some intimate time together when you are divided by space. Even if you aren’t able to get naked at the office for your lover, you might be able to watch her at home. Do you want to see her masturbate to your latest sexy email? Or watch her do housework in the nude? Might she enjoy seeing your handsome face midway through the day, just to remember your smile and the sparkle in your eye? Perhaps she wants to see that devious look you get when you talk to her about your deliciously dirty plans for the night.

If the webcam isn’t an option, try encouraging her to take a dirty photo or two and send them your way. Start with something simple – a photo of her sexy smile, an image of her shoulder, her belly, her thighs. Allow her to set the pace and tone, flirty or dirty, or somewhere in between. Just be careful where you are (and who’s looking) when you check your email or text messages next!


The real long-distance flirting of the future, teledildonics allows a user to control a pleasure device remotely over the internet. Things like the Real Touch and the Mojowijo could give you the ability to really reach out and touch her from afar.

Happy lovemaking!

Gabrielle Moore

PS. What other love blunders have you or your friends committed over the years? Share it with me in the comments section.

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