The 5 kisses you must master next year



The 5 kisses you must master next year

A steamy round of tongue tango can lead to great sex, but kissing has loads of benefits in its own right. Research shows that making out relieves stress, helps you determine who you’re attracted to (or not), and deepens your connection to your lover. Sadly, studies also reveal the longer a couple has been together, the less frequently they lock lips as part of sex. I encourage people to keep their sexual menu diverse but to make sure kissing is front and center, because it’s that important. My lusty lips will give you some serious lip-spiration.

Morning smooth

Before you two part for work, hold her hands and pull her close. Aim straight for her mouth and plant one, dead center, on her lips for two to three seconds. Pull back ever so slightly, while still holding hands, then lean in and kiss very quickly once more. When you pull away at last, look her straight in the eyes, squeeze her hands and then let go. Soft, lingering and arousing, this kind of kiss is meant to ignite all of your senses and it says that you’re emotionally present. Not only will the moment leave her craving a replay all day long, but one study reportedly found that men who kiss their partners in the morning live five years longer on average than men who don’t. You can thank me when you blow out the candles on your 100th birthday cake.

Vampire pucker

If you’re feeling frisky and trying to get your partner into that playful sexual spirit, place soft, feathery kisses all over her face, then flutter your lips down her neck until you reach the bottom of it. Plant your lips, using slight suction to bring some flesh between your front teeth, then release. Yep, you’re necking. And it’s so hot. You can also place your hand on a naughty part of her body, like her thigh, close to her lady parts. It’s a signal that you want her, and it will give her confidence to make the next move.

Dirty French

Hold your mouths close together, and take turns letting your tongues flick across each other’s lips. Move the tip of your tongue back and forth, then imitate a figure eight. Not only will she start imagining what else you can do with your tongue (wink!), but guys can transfer testosterone through saliva, which means you are potentially increasing her arousal, making her even hotter for you and eager to take things further. Yep, it’s true. If you thought that a sloppy, messy, saliva-filled kiss is a turn-off for women, think again. Theoretically, the wetter the kiss, the more testosterone you’ll likely send her away and the more aroused she may get. Also, a sloppy smooch can be a way of communicating you’re smitten. Many women associate lots of tongue with passion, since they’ve seen images of couples kissing that way in movies. Think of it as your way of showing enthusiasm about your relationship and your lust level.

The love bite

Gently take her bottom lips between your teeth, and use your lips to pull it into your mouth. Go easy on the pressure, then slowly increase – when you touch your boo, endorphins amp up happy feels and help block pain, which may be why a rough nibble can feel so good.

Champagne make-out

Take a sip of bubbly, and resist the urge to swallow. Now, lean over and kiss her, letting a tiny amount trickle into her mouth. Wait until she realizes what you’re doing before letting out a little more. If some overflows down her chin, you have an excuse to lick it up!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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