Talk Dirty to Me – Sexting 101



Talk Dirty to Me – Sexting 101

“I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?”

Hey Big boy,

You must be practically an expert at talking dirty by now, after having read my previous posts on how to do dirty talk the right way. But there is one more thing you definitely need to know about. This is the technology age and sexy talk has definitely entered the world of technology full force. If you’re new to dirty talk it might feel more comfortable to send a cheeky little text or email than it is to say something face to face. But there are still many people who aren’t completely sure what to say via text or how this whole “sexting” thing is supposed to work anyway. This article is going to give you the complete low down on how to do it in a way that will add excitement, anticipation, and passion back into your relationship.

What can a sexy text or email do for you? Well, it gets the wheels turning in her head. The right words can get under her skin and get her hot and bothered thinking about you. A hot exchange in the middle of the day can be an incredibly effective foreplay technique. She’ll be thinking about you all day and by the time she sees you she won’t be able to resist jumping your bones!

What To Say

The best sexting and/or dirty emails to send are those that talk about what you are/want to do to your partner. It builds anticipation and gets her fantasizing about you. Try these to get you started:

  • Soft Core
    “I can’t get you off of my mind.”
    “I can’t stop thinking about what we’re going to do when I see you tonight.”
    “You drive me crazy, it’s impossible to concentrate when all I can think about is you in my bed.”
  • Hard Core
    “I’m so hard thinking about being inside you later tonight.”
    “The minute you walk in the door I’m going to rip your clothes off and (X) you right there.”
    “Are you getting wet thinking about me fucking you?”

Keep in mind that you should work up to hard core dirty talk. It’s not like dirty talk in the bedroom where the situation already warrants it. You don’t want to send her a hard core dirty text out of the blue and find out that her co worker was looking over her shoulder at the time. Start with something like “Are you alone? I need to talk to you about something.” Then you can either keep it soft core or start with soft core and work your way to hard core talk. You should also be gauging her reaction. Is she egging you on or are her responses general? You will be able to tell how to proceed from what signals she gives you.

Sexy Photos – Yes or No?

You have probably seen in the media that sending nude or sexy photos of yourself can be risky business. You need to trust your partner 110% in order to be sure that she won’t ever share your photos, even if one day you were to breakup/divorce. If you insist on sending photos back and forth, never send one that shows your face, just in case. And always show her the utmost respect by keeping any text or photo she sends you completely private. For your eyes only.

Leave Something to the Imagination

Even if you like more of a raunchy discourse you still need to leave something to the imagination. This is about building up sexual tension so you might not want to come right out and say what you are going to do. You can hint at things like “I have a surprise for you tonight” or “I’m going to spoil you tonight.”

Know Your Audience

If you have never talked dirty with your partner or if you haven’t been intimate yet, it’s probably best to hold off on the dirty texting/emailing for now. Or you can start with something really soft core like “I can’t stop thinking about you.” That can be interpreted as a really sweet text or it can elude to racier thoughts. Even if she likes dirty talk in the bedroom, she might not be the type that likes bringing it outside the bedroom. It’s important to know her well and evaluate what kinds of messages will get her hot and not offend her or turn her off.

Hot kisses,
Gabrielle Moore

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