Nipple play done right



Nipple play done right

Nipples are undoubtedly the hot spots most men yearn to touch and most women want to receive pleasure on, but they are often an under-appreciated erogenous zone. There are hundreds of nerve endings on a person’s nipple, which makes them extremely sensitive to the touch and susceptible to pleasure. Research has shown that nipple stimulation can mimic the same action and chemical response in the brain that’s caused by genital stimulation. In light of this, it is not at all surprising that many people are aroused by having their nipples touched, and with the right stimulation, it can lead to orgasm. And even if your partner can’t orgasm from nipple stimulation, it’s still a fun way to explore different parts of her body. It’s important to note that, while everyone who has nipples has the same number of sensitive nerve endings on them, not everyone is down for nipple play. Make sure that your partner consents before you jump in, because everyone is different, and she might have certain sensitivities about their nipples that you weren’t aware of. Ahead are some ideas and tips for stimulating the nips.

Slow down

It takes time for your partner’s body to become primed for nipple stimulation and play, so take it slow. Start with slow caresses, licks, and strokes, and then gradually start to experiment with pressure and different forms of stimulation. As your partner becomes more aroused, you can let your motions build up intensity, too.

Be gentle with your hands

Use a light, gentle touch with your fingertips. Glide over them using saliva or a dab of lube, run them up and over nipples, and circle them on the areola. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, just follow this popular oral sex tip, and spell the alphabet with your fingers.

Work your way to the nipple

There are levels to breast sensitivity: The nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast, then the areola, then the breast. Start by massaging the breast with your full hand, then work your way into nipple play after your partner is well-massaged.

Communicate before biting

Biting can be a real turn on for some people, but it can also be painful, so it’s important to ask if your partner is open to biting before you nibble. If they are, counter that pain with pleasure, by teasing her with your hand or finger below.

Turn it into oral sex foreplay

Tease your partner by kissing down her neck, chest, eventually nipples, and then genitals. Use a lot of tongue and juicy kisses. By the time you make it to their genitals, she’ll be eager for your mouth to be all over her.

Don’t just suck

There are tons of different ways you can utilize your mouth on your partner’s nipples. Mix it up and use your breath to blow across their nipples. Add a sloppy lick of saliva for the wetness, which will offer a cool, breezy feeling.

Try different textures

Surprise your partner by stroking her nipples with objects and items with varying textures: fingernails, the palm of your hand, your mouth, your tongue, or even a vibrator, feather, or flogger.

Make out

Don’t be afraid to kiss, lick, or suck your partner’s nipple with your mouth. Make out with the nipples like you’re giving a French kiss. Slither your tongue quickly back and forth, wiggle your tongue quickly like a snake, or lap it like a dog kisses.

Add food or flavored lube

Top your partner’s nipples with whipped cream, honey, or melted chocolate, and lick it off. (While placing sugary foods on your genitals can cause infections, it’s totally safe on nipples.) Or, if you have flavored lube in your nightstand, swipe it on your fingers or partner’s nipples.

Alternate sides

Focus on one nipple at a time, but switch it up so you don’t over-stimulate a nipple. Incorporate massage on one breast while stimulating the nipple with the other hand.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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