Make her crave you all day long



Make her crave you all day long

“A woman never forgets her sex. She would rather talk with a man than an angel, any day.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Master the art of the slow burn and she’ll be running red lights to get to see you in the evening. You don’t know how you can achieve this kind of excitement on your partner? It’s simple: make her think about sex just as much as you do! Imagine this scenario: On a random Tuesday morning, your partner may be thinking about any number of things: “Should I go to spinning class during lunch? Is it time to have my teeth cleaned? Can I pull off a fedora?” It’s a pretty safe bet, however, that you are thinking this: Will I get laid tonight?

Studies show that sex crosses men’s minds upward of 19 times a day. A big part of that is wondering whether or not it’s in the cards for them later on. In order to have your partner think about sex as often as you do, hence increasing your chances of getting lucky, you should to your best to plant the thought in her head during the entire day. If you assure your sweet, loving girlfriend that yes, she is in for some naked fun, you’ll be setting yourself up for some truly epic sex that night, since she’ll be daydreaming about it all day.

Anticipatory excitement amps up desire for an experience, so when she finally gets to indulge, it’s extremely rewarding for both of you. Follow my step-by-step guide to create a slow burn that will make her fantasize hard about the countless way she’s going to be receiving pleasure when she can finally get her hands on you.

First thing in the A.M.

Wake her up by slowly gyrating as you press your body against her. Do it very slowly, because you don’t want to wake her up so quickly that she gets startled. Once she’s semi-alert, give her a slow, lingering kiss, hugging her strongly but keeping yourself off from her hot zone (I’m talking about the vagina, of course). When she, um, stirs, pull away and tell her you’re going to be late for work if you don’t get going… but you can’t wait to pick up where you left off. She’ll be counting the hours till the sun finally sets and she gets to see you again.

On your way out the door

Give her ass a little squeeze and reassure her that it’s on like Donkey Kong when you get home. While you’re back there, slip a naughty note in her back pocket (if she’s wearing jeans) or in her bag, for her to find when she’s at work. Write something about how you can’t wait to tear off her clothes later or “I’m going to have my way with you tonight.” Then relish imagining her flushed cheeks when she finds it and reads it. She’ll be almost ready to take a longer lunch break to see you for a quickie, but don’t indulge, even if she asks you. The slow burn will only work if you’re willing to wait for time to work its arousal magic.

Late morning

Just before lunchtime, text her this: “Eat a good lunch, because you won’t be getting any dinner until after we get naked and crazy.” Pictures of your crazy romp will pass behind her eyes as fast as a lightning, so she’ll barely be able to focus on her chores. Points scores: hell yes!

Around 3 P.M.

Text her the most graphic line from an erotic book you can find, or send her an image of same sexy lingerie with the following message, “I bed you’d look awesome in these!” If you go for the second option, make sure you also buy her something sexy, because expectations will grow in her hot mind, so you don’t want to disappoint her once you started this.

Before you walk through the door

Make sure she gets home first. Then before you go inside, unbutton your shirt and your pants. When you enter, hand her your shirt and head to the bedroom without saying a word. Once she picks her jaw off the floor, she’ll follow you in a frenzy.

Have a splendid week,

Gabrielle Moore 

P.S. You can also text her something along the following lines: “I hope you don’t like the blouse you’re wearing, because I’m going to rip it off you tonight.” To find out the secret techniques on how to get her dripping and soaking wet at will, check out my video program on the matter – Dripping Wet Secrets.

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