Kissing Advice You Need to Know



Kissing Advice You Need to Know

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.” ? Edmond Rostand

It’s usually the first thing you do with a new partner. In fact, it’s probably the first intimate thing you did with a girl, ever. Kissing. You probably stopped thinking about how you kiss women many, many years ago. When we were all teenagers we spent a lot of time agonizing over kissing techniques and wondering if we were “good kissers,” but when you get older you just get to a point when you stop thinking about it, you have your style down, and you just do what you do.

But, guess what, guys? I’m here to tell you that kissing is a heck of a lot more important that you probably think. Are you absolutely 100% sure that you are an incredible kisser? Sadly, even in adulthood there are a lot of awful kissers out there and you definitely don’t want to be one of them.

So let’s go back in time to when we all thought a lot about how we kissed and brush up on our techniques…

* Slow and sensual to start – You might be all riled up and ready to pop your tongue right in her mouth from the get go, but as you know women take longer to warm up than that. Start off slowly by giving her some sensual and slow kisses with no tongue.

* No slobber please! Men tend to like sloppier, wetter kisses while most women do not like wet kisses. It’s believed that men like wet kisses because saliva is filled with testosterone, which is known to increase the sex drive. Men who really like giving their female partners wet kisses might be subconsciously trying to increase their partner’s sex drive. The problem here? Women who don’t like really wet kisses (which is the majority of women, research says) will actually get turned off by having to wipe her face off after a kiss, no matter how much saliva you swap with her.

* Touch me there – Don’t be afraid to use your hands. Actually, let me rephrase that. USE YOUR HANDS. Cup her face in your hands as you kiss her. Run them through her hair. Touch her neck. Trace her lips lightly with the tip of your finger. Don’t forget that the scalp is one of the erogenous zones. Hold her shoulders, her waist, or the small of her back as you kiss her and draw her into you. Take your time kissing her and touching these areas before touching her breasts, butt or between her legs.

* Know your different kisses and when to use them – It’s important to pay attention to her needs and body language and provide the kiss that she wants. You have your romantic, sensual kiss that you give her when you’re just starting foreplay or when you want a slow sensual sexual experience. You have your lustful kiss that shows your uncontrollable desire for her. And finally you have your intimate kisses, which sometimes might not be more than a sweet peck, that show your connection and comfort with one another.

* Use your tongue, nibble gently, and suck – There are many different methods to kissing. You can slowly move your tongue in and out of her mouth. You can suck on her tongue when she puts it in your mouth. You can suck lightly on her lips. Run your tongue along the edges of her lips. Nibble her lips ever so lightly. Pay close attention to her body language. Does she pull away when you do something? Chances are she doesn’t like it then. When in doubt, ask!

* Kissing isn’t just for the mouth – There are many erogenous zones from the shoulders up, including the neck, nape of the neck, ears, shoulders and upper back. The mouth is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones, but that doesn’t mean that you have to only kiss her on the mouth. Pay attention to these other zones too.

For women kissing is an incredibly important part of foreplay. If done right then it can get her hot and wet in no time flat, but if you try to rush through it or don’t put a lot of effort in, your partner might not be too impressed with your skills and that can greatly affect her desire level. Kissing isn’t just for foreplay either. It increases intimacy between partners during sex and can get her even hotter if you plant lusty kiss on her mouth in the throws of passion. Don’t forget to also kiss her throughout the day to increase intimacy within your relationship on an emotional level. A kiss can transmit so much. Make sure you’re sending her the right kind of message.

Sexy kisses,
Gabrielle Moore

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