How to get yourself wanting more foreplay



How to get yourself wanting more foreplay

Sex without foreplay is like a song’s reff without intro”- Toba Beta

Just because you might want to get into the, uh, full-on action straightaway, doesn’t mean she does too. I can teach you to love foreplay just as much as your girlfriend does. Especially since, according to new research, you guys are as interested in foreplay as women and you want more than you’re having.

Once you realize the lead-up is almost as good as the real thing, and will make sex even better, there’ll be no stopping you. All you need is a good teacher, and I’m right here, with a handful of sexy tricks.

Kiss her… hard

You like intense, raw kissing, right? To get yourself in the mood and your girlfriend at the same time, I suggest you do exactly that. The recipe for a passionate kiss: trace the outside of her lips with your tongue, gently tug her bottom lip with your teeth and lightly bite her tongue when it is in your mouth. Seeing you so involved in this will trigger a big response in her, making her treat you with the same roughness. A friend of mine gave his girlfriend’s version of this style of kissing an X-rated name. He calls it tongue fellatio, and adores it. You will too!

Also, you’ll really start drooling if you put your whole body into it. The more body parts involved, the more intense the experience. My formula: cradle her face with one hand and grab her butt with the other while simultaneously pressing your abs and pelvis against her.

Tantalize her

Too often, touch is the primary sense during foreplay. But to graduate from basic to mind-blowing, you have to incorporate all of her passion receptors. Every type of sensory stimulation actives parts of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.

I say you introduce edible aromatic-flavored massage oil in your foreplay sessions. Rub it on and then lick it off each other. It smells amazing, but your favorite part will be seeing her all slicked up and shiny.

Other ways to make foreplay a full body experience: leave the lights on and listen to music, or take a shower together by the light of scented candles.

Let her take charge

In bed, you guys are often so focused on pleasing your partners that you don’t get to bask in being sex objects. By letting her take the reins, you’re showing her a vulnerability side that will make her want to please you even more. It will also feel great for you to have somebody concentrating on your pleasure for once.

Tell her you want her to do whatever she wants with you. She can get physical and move you into whatever kind of position she feels like it, either by grabbing your shoulders or buttocks, or by summoning you to do as required. You’ll love following her lead. So hand her this cue and let her call the shots the next time you too get busy.

Play rough

Women seam more fragile than men, but trust me, they love to be manhandled. Women get turned on when men seem animalistic. So pinch her nipples (note very hard, though) and massage her chest. Apply deep pressure with your fingers and the heels of your palms. Then, using a kneading motion, slowly work your way down to her waist and back.

Most men gently stroke the girl’s face or breasts when she’s on top, which is ok, but a little roughness didn’t hurt anyone, if it’s applied correctly and only in the setting of making love. Knead the sides of her butt or grip the sides of her waist. She’ll love that you know she’s strong enough to take it.

Bring her to the brink

Once she’s at combustible point, ignore her. It’s a guaranteed way to amplify her orgasm later. The more someone anticipates sex, the more aroused they get, and therefore, the intensity of their sexual experience increases.

Before sex, have her climb on top of you and rock her hips as if you were doing it, but without penetration. No matter how much she’ll beg you to enter her, make her wait. When you finally do start having sex, it will feel like a triumph.

To send her into a similar frenzy, act out the suggestion of her favorite sex acts. For example, try what I like to call the “almost oral sex”. Head south, get close, but pass by with just a hot breath. By the time you finally do put your mouth on her, it will feel pretty damn good!

You could also try the same move with sex- teasing her for just a few moments with the old in-and-out. While you’re on top, enter her only halfway, alternating shallow and deep thrusts in a way she can’t predict. I promise she’ll beg for mercy.

Have a spectacular week-end,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Advanced foreplay kama sutra move: sit close together, naked but not touching. Breathe in harmony for 15 minutes, looking into each other’s eyes. It will put you in the mood instantly. For more interesting tips on how to turn your partner on like never before, check out my video program on the matter – Dripping Wet Secrets.

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