How to Be an Exbihitionist

How to Be an Exbihitionist

Exhibitionism comes in many different forms. If you asked most people if they considered themselves to be an exhibitionist and they would immediately say “no!” but if you really thought about it most of us have some degree of exhibitionist tendencies. I’m not talking about masturbating in public or flashing your private parts to grannies on the public bus, but much more innocent forms of exhibitionism that can aid in making you feel sexier and spice things up in your sex life. Not all forms of exhibitionism even require leaving your house and that can be more enticing for the more modest among us. Here are some great ideas for incorporating a little bit of fun and sexy exhibitionism into your sex life:

1. Get naked at home – If you’re just starting out with exhibitionism try getting naked with your partner at home when you’re not having sex or taking a shower. After your shower instead of getting dressed right way, start your day by staying naked and going about your normal routine. Even with the shades tightly closed so one would would ever know you’re going to feel more naughty. Try staying naked all day long, except if you have to go out of course! If you’re feeling extra bad you can even leave your blinds or shades open slightly to give passersby a little surprise.

2. Get down and dirty and leave the windows open – Next time you have sex try leaving the windows wide open and making a lot of noise. The idea that someone else could hear you is a huge turn on for a lot of people. Who knows? You could even inspire your neighbors to make a little love too! Not gutsy enough to do this in your own home? Rent a hotel room for a night and make some serious noise.

3. Show some skin – Another way to be a bit of an exhibitionist is to show some skin in public. Obviously for a man showing some skin isn’t always seen as sexy as it is for a woman. So, in your case, “showing some skin” might just mean wearing an outfit that makes you feel really hot and maybe a pair of pants that is tight in all the right places. When it comes to your partner, she can really get into this small act of exhibitionism and you can participate by buying her a sexy outfit to wear out. I’m not talking about getting naked, but just showing off enough skin to turn heads. It can be a turn on for a lot of guys to see how other men check out their woman. I mean, she’s going home with you at the end of the night and that should make you feel pretty darn good!

4. Get frisky under the table – A lot can happen under the table at even the nicest restaurants. A well placed table cloth or dinner napkin can do wonders for helping you be more discrete. You don’t have to go too far, but some naughty touching and rubbing under the table is a fantastic way to get each other RED HOT for later that night.

5. Visit make out point – Every town has a spot where young couples go to “make out” in their cars. You might feel like the oldest couple there, but that doesn’t matter, no one will be looking too closely into your window anyway! Plus the collective hormones and sexual energy of a place like that, knowing that every car is filled with a hot and sexy couple getting it on is just a thrilling thought.

6. Get it on in public – There are many places and ways couples can have sex in public. You could pick the great outdoors, your own backyard, a public restroom or any other place where you have the risk of being seen or caught. That risk raises your adrenaline levels and makes the experience much hotter.

7. Visit a nudist community – There are communities where people can go and live out their day to day in the buff. You can either visit one of these communities, vacation spots or beaches for the day or you could take a little vacation there. Even though the idea of being a nudist isn’t about sex, it can still be exciting to feel the air flowing over parts of your body you usually only expose in the privacy of your own home!

Gabrielle Moore

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