The hot way to boobgasm: tantric nipple play techniques

The hot way to boobgasm: tantric nipple play techniques

Her breasts are not only visually pleasing but also a gold mine for her pleasure: if you stimulate them the right way, you have a good chance of starting a whole new sexual chapter in her life: breast orgasms!

Your biggest advantage in this erotic scenery? She probably doesn’t even know that her breasts are orgasmic gold mines. Women are so used to having clitoral orgasms (most of them stimulate the clit exclusively while masturbating) that they miss out on other great forms of stimulation. Truth is, our entire body is packed with nerve endings, which means almost every part of it can be stimulated and aroused.

Another interesting fact: researchers at Rutgers University discovered through brain scans that nipple stimulation activates the same nerve cortex as clitoral and genital stimulation. This a revolutionary discovery, because it means her twins can actually produce insane amounts of pleasure — and wouldn’t it be a shame if she never discovered that?

So boobgasms exist. But because we only discovered them recently, there’s not much people know about it — in fact, some might even roll their eyes in disbelief. Take advantage of this new orgasms territory and use my secret techniques to unravel the sensations of her life!

Create a sensual atmosphere

Tantric concepts are arousing for a reason: who doesn’t love a sensual state of mind, which makes everything around you seem sexy and free? Women love it even more than you do because our rhythm is slightly slower and sensuality is actually deeply rooted in our DNA. Impress her with your sensual skills! Start this beautiful journey of orgasmic sensations by asking her to lie comfortably on her back. Use your soft voice when you tell her to relax. Set a sensual scene with some aromatic candles and soft, sexy music that helps intensify your sexual connection. Keep a massage oil nearby.

Free her of judgment

Women are often unable to orgasm in any way because they let their insecurities take over: the worry about how they look, how they smell or how confident they seem. These negative thoughts cause them to be disconnected from their bodies, which means they won’t be able to experience those incredibly powerful sensations.

Make her forget about her fears and insecurities. Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. Touch her gently while making eye contact, so she knows you’re totally connected. Once she’s free of limitations, she can discover unlimited pleasure…

Breathe together

Breathing is much more important than we think — it’s actually fueling everything we do, from concentrating to finish a task, to giving it all at the gym. Remember how your coach tells you to breathe in and out during exercise? This helps oxygenate your brain and accelerate recovery so that you’re ready for the next push-up. Without proper breathing, your performance is ruined. This is also true for sexy time. When it comes to arousal, your mind is key to unleash those incredible sensations — and your mind thrives on deep breathing techniques.

Start by holding her hands. Then take long breaths together. Make sure they are deep breaths in which you constrict the back of your throat so that you can hear your breath. This helps both of you connect with your bodies in the deepest way.

Tease her twins

It’s time to move a little closer to that breast orgasm we’ve been talking about. Start by dripping a little bit of massage oil right between her breasts and on her belly. Coconut oil is good because it has a nice relaxing aroma and it’s safe and soothing for the skin and intimate parts.

I know you wanna go straight for the boobs (maybe that’s what she’s also thinking!), but instead, start by massaging her belly — that’s where we hold the stress and anxiety. Apply gentle strokes around the belly, rib cage and then in between the breasts to tease her. Don’t touch the boobs yet. You want to build the arousal slowly so that you get to that intense wave of pleasure at the end. Alternate featherlike touch with your fingertips with medium-light touch to caress her stomach, the stern and then her delicate neck.

Stimulate the breasts

Let the fun begin! When you feel her body starting to react to your touch (her breathing accelerates, she trembles, she has goosebumps), use soft circular movements to massage her breasts. Circle them with large strokes avoiding the nipple area so that you create more and more anticipation. The secret of this technique is to tease her until her body responds by begging for more.

Nipple play

Once her body is begging for it, you want to try to move the energy from the nipples and spread it throughout the whole body. Because women rarely have an orgasm by stimulating only one specific part of the body: the hot spots work together to create one unique powerful explosion of sensations.

Start by gently circling the areolae with your fingers until her nipples become erect. Then move your fingers lower, to the belly, and then come up again until you reach the neck. Have no doubt: her clitoris is contracting by now.

You can then move to pinch the nipples, which stimulates oxytocin and makes you feel even more connected. Try to be firm but not rough: it might be painful for a second but then become a rush of pleasure. The harder you pinch the nipples, the more oxytocin, and pleasure they produce. Just make sure they are erect before you go harder.

A little mouth action

Forget about only using your tongue: just use the whole mouth to stimulate her breasts entirely. Start with licking them to get them wet, then blow on them for a surprising sensation. Grab them firmly while massaging the nipples with your lips gently. Circle them with your tongue and treat them as the “second clitoris” — every cunnilingus move you know applies perfectly to the nipples when it comes to powerful orgasms. Combine all these strokes and give her a toe-curling climax!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. I’m so happy you get to experience this amazing journey of boobgasms with your partner! To learn even more toe-curling boob techniques, check out my program on the matter — Boobgasms – How to Touch, Lick, & Pleasure Her Breasts So Well She Comes Before You Unzip Her Pants.

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