FOUR Play: Four tips for Foreplay to Get Her Ready for Some Lovin’



FOUR Play: Four tips for Foreplay to Get Her Ready for Some Lovin’

Much is written about the importance of foreplay for a pleasurable sex life and it is certainly true that enough and the right kind of foreplay is crucial to a satisfying sexual encounter. However, it seems men and women have different ideas about what constitutes “enough” and the “right kind.” If you are a man who is trying to figure out the best way to use foreplay for please your woman and enhance your sexual experience, then read on!

Let me Tell You About a Thing Called Foreplay

What exactly is foreplay? It can be hard to define, just as sex itself can be hard to define. Generally foreplay is emotionally and physically intimate acts between lovers to increase sexual desire and arousal. Foreplay is a form of communication from one partner to another that they are interested in pursuing sexual activity. Foreplay can be verbal, physical or emotional and not only helps a person get in the mood for sex emotionally but helps get their body ready for sex physically.

Gentlemen, please don’t let confusion about foreplay keep you from working on your foreplay skills! The great thing about sex is that you can always learn and improve. Here are four tips about foreplay that are sure to help you drive your woman wild with desire:

Start Early and Don’t Quit

One very easy thing you can do to start your sweetie on the road to arousal is to put the idea in her head long before you see each other. Technology can provide a lot of help with this. Call or text her from work in the morning and tell her how sexy you think she is and how you can wait to see her that night. Throughout the day turn up the heat on your calls and texts by increasing the sexy talk. Tell her exactly what you would like to do to her when you get home. Women actually like to hear these things and it really turns them on. This is part of verbal foreplay.

Foreplay is More Than Touching Genitals

The entire body can be an erogenous zone. Think of the skin as one large sex organ. Run your fingers all over her body lightly. Look right in her eyes while you do this to really make that intimate connection.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Kiss

Unfortunately kissing is usually the first thing to go when couples have been together for a while. The truth is, kissing is HOT. Women loved to be kissed. Slow deep kisses. Kissing is an important part of foreplay and not enough attention is paid to it. Take her in your arms and kiss her. Spend some time on the couch just making out. While you are kissing her slowly rub your hands up and down her body. Kiss her during intercourse as well. Kiss her for a while after sex is over. The lips have over 10,000 nerve endings which is a big part of what makes kissing such a pleasurable and intimate act. Never underestimate what a turn on kissing can be.

How Long is Long Enough?

Much is made over how much time a couple needs to take with foreplay before moving on to the main event. Recent research indicates that both men and women are physically ready for intercourse after about 10 minutes of foreplay. However, women may need more time to be mentally or emotionally ready. A lot of women want more time simply because being touched and kissed feels good. The more they are touched the more the anticipation and desire grows. Try taking some extra time before intercourse. Touch her longer. If she is used to a quick few minutes of foreplay which is usually just a tool to get to penetration, she will be pleasantly surprised to find you spending a lot of time on her pleasure.

One thing about foreplay is that it helps break the sexual experience into categories. Foreplay, intercourse and after play or resolution. This tends to make people be preoccupied with each part instead of seeing it all as one incredible sexual experience that flows naturally. If you can let it all flow then you are more likely to get more from your sexual encounter and so is your partner.

Try seeing the beauty and potential in foreplay instead of the mystery and you will have taken an important step down the path to giving your sweetie hours of sexual pleasure.


Gabrielle Moore

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