Are you sure you know your girl’s hot buttons?



Are you sure you know your girl’s hot buttons?

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.” – Oscar Wilde

Trust me on this: a girl says a silent thank-you whenever you’re lavishing attention on her in bed. But have you ever wondered which of your moves she loves most? That’s a cinch if you know whether her dominant sense is sight, sound, or touch. (Only a handful of girls’ dominant senses are smell or taste.)

Although we get a rush from all of our senses, experts tell us that we usually favor one over the others – and the key way to pinpoint your girl’s biggest turn-ons is to zero in on her dominant sense. This study of the senses is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and if you customize your bedroom moves to your partner’s dominant sense, you’ll maximize her pleasure. How to tell whether your girl is a sight lover, a sound hound or a touchy-feely type? Take the quiz bellow, then read on to find out how you can send her into total sensory bliss.

1)    The main thing she said she noticed about you when you met was:

a)    Your eyes

b)    Your seductive voice

c)    Your smooth skin and hair

2)    Which of these three activities does she enjoy most?

a)    Watching TV

b)    Listening to music

c)    Fixing something, for example a bracelet or a dress that’s missing a button

3)    She’s told you her number one pre-sex turn-on would be for you to:

a)    Watch as she treats you with a striptease

b)    Talk dirty

c)    Give her a head-to-toe massage

4)    When things are getting hot and heavy, a big mood killer for her is:

a)    You’re wearing pj’s

b)    The TV or radio is on

c)    It’s too cold or hot

5)    When she needs to figure out something, she prefers to:

a)    Peruse a manual

b)    Call someone and talk through it

c)    Start tinkering

6)    Which of these would she most like to do with you on a date?

a)    Grab a table at an outdoor café and people-watch

b)    Sit on a porch and listen to the crickets… and you

c)    Walk barefoot on the beach, feeling the sun on her face and the sand between her toes

7)    The main reason she stays fit is:

a)    She likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror

b)    She craves compliments

c)    She says it makes her feel more energized and alert

8)    For her to fall asleep, it’s of the utmost importance that:

a)    The room is dark

b)    It’s completely quiet

c)    She’s cozy under the covers

9)    She’d say the one thing that makes her stand out from other girls is:

a)    She’s a great dresser

b)    She really likes to hear what you have to say

c)    She loves to cuddle post-sex

If you answered mostly A’s… she’s visual, meaning she loves sexy sights

Although surprisingly, there are many women that get aroused primarily by what they’re looking at. Girls with a dominant sight sense also speak visually, as in “Can you picture that?” You may feel self-conscious when your belly wobbles during a romp, but trust me, she’s loving it. Girls crave seeing some jiggle. Because it’s so masculine, it makes her feel more feminine. Plus the greater the jiggle, the more active and uninhibited the sex will seem. Also, mirrors give her new angles on the action, so she’ll love this passionate pose: Face a mirror with you behind her. But sometimes the sexiest images are the simplest. The next time she’s about to have an orgasm, stare into her eyes and hold her gaze. Visual girls will feel super-close to you with this technique.

If you answered mostly B’s… she’s auditory, meaning she loves to listen

Lovers of music and long conversations, these lusty listeners also give themselves away with phrases like “That rings true to me” or “Keep your ear to the ground”. The key to her heart is turning your lovemaking into a wall of hot sounds. Sound hounds go gaga for dirty talk, so describe what you’re doing (“I’m going to touch you here and here!”) and what she’s doing (“I love it when you kiss my neck”). Then, throw in some short and sexy adjectives, like hard, hot, wet. Two bodies working in concert makes for loads of interesting noises – and auditory-type girls really dig the sound of sex. The sex position that will deliver some serious erotic audio is one that traps the most moisture between your bodies: try sitting facing each other, legs entwined, and rock rather than thrust into her.

If you answered mostly C’s… she’s kinesthetic, meaning her big turn-on is touch

These girls most crave anything they can feel on every inch of their bodies. When they talk (which isn’t often), they will nonetheless wax on about “how they feel”. What you have to do is tease her with texture. Play with her hair, caress her with a silk scarf, etc. These girls prefer hands-on learning – which is why they’ll love the Mirror Game. Copy each other’s movements in bed: if you caress her breasts, she caresses your chest. If you kiss her neck, she kisses yours. This game provides the ultimate feedback loop, helping you understand exactly how she likes to be touched.

Have a sensational week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sultry sights, naughty words or tantalizing touches? Now you know, so I hope you do your homework correctly. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about foreplay CLICK HERE NOW!

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