4 ways to take your sexting game to the next level



4 ways to take your sexting game to the next level

Personally I think that one of the greatest things about the invention of the smartphone is sexting. Seriously: It’s so hot. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the many women out there who’s definitely appreciative of a little mental turn on, but there’s just something about talking dirty via text/messenger/chat that I just love.

And I’m definitely not alone in my love of digital dirty talk. A recent study found that an overwhelming majority of adults have sexted at one point or another: some as a form of foreplay, some to even arouse orgasms. Before you roll your eyes, yes, you can indeed give a woman an orgasm without even touching her. I can confirm it, it has indeed happened to me on more than one occasion.

Why? First of all, because sexting is sexy and it arouses sexy thoughts sometimes even more powerfully than touch can do. Secondly, since women’s orgasms start in the mind, it makes sense that arousing her brain via sexts prove so efficient in giving her pleasure.

But all sexting is by no means created equal. For every hot and heavy dirty talk session, there are probably at least three failed conversations that fail to hit the spot and get the woman to where she needs to be: throbbing down there.

If you’ve tried and failed before, let me lend you a helping hand. You don’t have to give up sexting altogether because of a couple of bad experiences. There are definitely ways that you could up your sexting game, and I don’t mean by sending more penis shots; lets be a little more creative, please. Before I give you some tips for taking your sexting game to the next level, if you want to know more about giving a woman an orgasm without even touching her, check out this program called The No Touch Orgasm, created by my friend Lloyd Lester. He’s giving access to the secrets he’s using to give any woman intensely powerful orgasms… without resorting to any complicated fingering, licking or thrusting tricks. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Pay attention to words

There are lots and lots of different ways to describe body parts and sex acts. If your sexting partner uses one term, don’t respond with a different one or you might end up picking one that she doesn’t like or that’s killing her shot at reaching peak pleasure. Don’t let terminology get in the way of a good digital sex session.

Paint a picture

One of the great things about sexting is that you can be “doing” anything you want. If you’re into cosmic alien sex or naughty schoolgirl/teacher game or some kind of elaborate cowboy scene, go for it! Describe what’s going on, who’s doing what, even what they’re wearing. Acting out fantasies — especially ones that aren’t safe or realizable in real life — can be super hot via sext.

Pay attention to your partner’s cues

If your sexting partner is digging it, she will let you know. Just like in real life sex, you can pay attention to how your partner is reacting to what you’re laying down. If she is responding with one letter at any point in your conversation that isn’t the climax (because, as you can probably already imagine it, typing is hard at that point), then they’re probably not doing much other than watching TV and texting their BFF about how lame you are. If you find yourself at this point, remedy it with questions. What do you want? How do you like it? Do you like it when I…? Those are all great ways to get the heat back into a failing sext session.

Don’t be pushy

You can ask for a pic but if they say no, then no means no. Don’t push for it. Women especially hate it when they’re being pressured into doing something sexually that they’re not comfortable with and any woman with an internet connection knows that revenge porn is a very real thing. Don’t push for sexy pics if your sexting partner has indicated that they’re not into it.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Don’t believe you can give your partner the most explosive orgasmic pleasure she’s ever had… without even touching her? Prepare to be blown away, because this is exactly what I’m proposing. For more on how to sext, talk dirty or simply rock your lady’s world via words and whispers, check out this program called The No Touch Orgasm, created by my friend Lloyd Lester. The stuff you’re about to discover will rock your socks off – for both you and the woman in your life. NOTE: This program was not created by me.

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