10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot During Winter

10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Hot During Winter

The days get shorter and the nights get longer. Winter can seem like a long, cold season sometimes, especially when we are getting less vitamin D or if you are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affectedness Disorder). But, here are some sexy ways to keep your relationship hot during the winter months and keep the winter blues away.

1. Rent a Mountain Chalet
When Steve and I first married, one New Years we rented a small chalet up in the mountains. It had a big stone fireplace with an outdoor Jacuzzi in the snow. It was a winter paradise! We bought finger food and champagne and sat outside in the snowy Jacuzzi with our swimsuits on while watching the fireworks that were shot off from the town in the valley below. Later we snuggled on a furry blanket before a raging fire while the moonlight shone in through the windows and had the best sex ever. Talk about a magical night!

2. Cabin on a Beach
Many cabins can be rented throughout the year, so if you live near the beach or a lake consider a Valentine’s weekend getaway. There are a bunch of small cabins near where I live and every year they have a Valentine’s special. It includes surf and turf (lobster and steak dinner), a cozy cabin with hot tub and a bon fire on the beach. It’s just nice to get away for a romantic night for two with no TV, phones or computers to interrupt your sexy night together. Check around and you likely find some great Valentine’s Day getaways in your part of the woods.

3. Take a Tropical Vacation
If you can afford it, the winter months are the best time of the year to go on a tropical vacation. My best friend Gillian and her husband do this every year and book a week or two away in the Caribbean. They book it months in advance and get an all inclusive Va-ca at a top resort for a very affordable price. Gillian sends Facebook photos of their week of drinking, dancing, eating tropical fruit and swimming on the beach. When they get back they are tanned and rejuvenated and have lots of hot memories to keep them warm for the rest of the winter.

4. Rent a Hotel Room with Pool and Jacuzzi
If you’d rather stay in the city, many hotels have cheaper seasonal rates this time of year, so a perfect time to get away, even if you are not going very far. Get a suite and make sure the hotel has a heated pool and Jacuzzi. Go swimming together and play in the pool and then later relax in the Jacuzzi. Add to this a nice dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and breakfast in bed and you are sure to get your “love nest away” all heated up.

5. Christmas Lights Sightseeing
I used to love this when I was a kid. We’d all gather in Dad’s car late at night, just before Christmas and go out looking at Christmas lights. This is also a great idea for a date night too. Bring cozy blankets and hot chocolate and go cruising, looking at the lovely lights. You never know. You could end up at a local park where you can practice making the windows all steamy!

6. Play in the Snow
If you are like me, you may hate the thought of getting all bundled up to have to go outside in the cold winter. But, getting bundled up to go out and play in the snow with your partner, now that sounds like fun. Get in touch with your inner child to keep you young and vibrant. You could go for a walk in the winter wonderland. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while being spontaneous and getting some exercise. Build a snowman together, or make snow angels. Or build a fort and have a snowball fight. Then, when you are both out of breath, lay in the snow together laughing and making out!

7. Camp Out in the Living Room
This sounds like a simple idea—and it is—but it is oh so romantic and fun. Put your mattress in your living room in front of the big screen TV. Rent a romantic movie or something you’d both enjoy and make popcorn. Create your own hot chocolate cocktails with Bailey’s, Kahlua, and white chocolate liquor. Make s’mores in the microwave or have a chocolate fondue. Give each other a massage or play a sexy game to heat things up. Fill a basket with an assortment of chocolates, candles, romantic music, massage oils or whatever inspires you for a romantic night in.

8. Take a Carriage Ride
There are many places that still have old fashioned carriage or buggy rides. Get bundled up with hot chocolate and take a ride around town in a buggy. It really slows things down during the frantic pace of the holidays and helps you both get in the mood for love.

9. Take Ballroom Dancing
This is a great romantic activity to do together during the winter. It gets you out at least once a week for regular exercise and is an intimate hobby you can share together. Plus, it is fun and invigorating learning new things. And, dancing can be very sexy especially if you take up the Samba or the Tango!

10. Spend Time under the Mistletoe
Make sure to spend plenty of time under the mistletoe kissing this year. Better still, turn all the lights out and make love under the Christmas tree. Sex releases oxytocin, the love chemical, and makes you feel good, while creating a deeper bond between you. Remember, any time is a good time for sex.

So, there is no need to feel the chill of winter this year, when there are so many simple ideas you can do together to heat up the holidays. Now is the time to create some memories that will last you a lifetime!

So get creative and keep it sizzling this winter!

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